Looking Forward: Health Checks

In the midst of the significant decision made yesterday by owner Jim Irsay to release Bill Polian and Chris Polian from their duties, the players came in for their exit physicals.  While the results of those physicals have not been published, the end of the league year will see all IR’d players removed from that designation.  However, that of course doesn’t guarantee that those players will be healthy and ready for OTAs, training camp or even next year.  This post examines the likely return timeframe for each of the players on IR, and for one who never went on IR but should have…

To start with the latter, it was expected that QB Peyton Manning would fail his physical so he could continue to rehabilitate at the Colts complex.  In fact, Manning reported that he was already discussing his rehab schedule with Polian when Polian was summoned to meet with Irsay.  Rumors have floated that Manning is as much as 90% ready, but the fact that he never returned to the field in 2011 casts some doubt on his status.  My uninformed guess is that he will be ready by OTAs… the question is for which team.

The following lists the remaining players on IR, their injury, injury date, and my guess as to when they will be ready again.  To simplify the post (and honestly, to hedge my bets a bit), I’ve captured the estimate as either a return by OTAs (mid-May through early June), Training Camp (early August through mid-August), or other.  Note that the table focuses only on when I think the player will be ready to return to football, not whether he will be back with the Colts or even return to football.

Player Injury Date of Injury Placed on IR Estimated Return
Gary Brackett Left shoulder Sep 11 Sep 28 Training Camp
Stevie Brown Hamstring Nov 6 Nov 29 OTAs
Melvin Bullitt Right shoulder Sep 18 Sep 28 Training Camp
Kerry Collins Concussion Sep 25 Oct 25 OTAs
Eric Foster Dislocated right ankle Oct 3 Oct 5 Training Camp
Chris Gronkowski Torn pectoral Oct 23 Oct 25 Early season
Ben Ijalana Torn left ACL Oct 3 Oct 5 Training Camp
Terrence Johnson Forearm Dec 4 Dec 5 OTAs
Drake Nevis Tailbone Oct 3 Dec 6 OTAs
Seth Olsen Hand Oct 30 Nov 9 OTAs
Jerraud Powers Dislocated elbow Dec 4 Dec 5 OTAs
Jaimie Thomas Back Aug 1 (?) Aug 19 OTAs
Philip Wheeler Right foot Dec 11 Dec 28 Training Camp
Blair White Knee Oct 30 Nov 12 OTAs
James Williams Foot Aug 1 (?) Aug 9 OTAs