In the Training Room Injury Update: Joseph Addai and Devin Moore

One of the most unusual, and yet perhaps not uncommon, injuries that befell the Colts in 2010 was the brachial plexus injury. Both RB Devin Moore and RB Joseph Addai, suffered this injury either as a result of awkward hits that turned their head away from the shoulder being hit, or direct, hard contact to their collarbone. The injury typically results in weakness or numbness in the affected arm, accompanied by a burning sensation. Recovery varies based on severity, with 20-30 minutes being a typical recovery period, up to several hours, days or weeks. In the most severe cases, the hit severs nerves in the brachial plexus and surgery is required. Football teams tend to list the injury as a shoulder injury.

Moore suffered his injury during a kick return against the Jacksonville Jaguars on October 3, 2010. He was placed on season-ending Injured Reserve only 2 days later, prompting speculation by me that surgery would likely be required. Only recently did we hear confirmation from Phil Richards that he had indeed had surgery, and that he was well enough as of last month to play in charity golf and softball games. He also seems eager to get back to the business of proving he belongs on this Colts team. Addai’s injury came on a particularly daunting day for the Colts, October 17, 2010 against the Redskins. London Fletcher tackled Addai with the crown of his helmet, giving him a stinger that lasted for 10 weeks until the December 26 game against the Raiders. Even after performing reasonably well in weeks 16 and 17, Addai admitted that he “didn’t think he would be 100 percent until [this] year.” It’s not clear whether Addai has been back on the field practicing with his for-now-former teammates, though he looked good coaching some younger players. As for a “prognosis,” Addai has had an additional ~30 weeks to recover, three times as long as when he went back on the field.  If he was good enough to go then, I anticipate he will be fine come training camp (whenever that may be). However, if there had been previously-undetected permanent damage, he could actually be worse off now than Moore.