In the Training Room: Colts OT Anthony Castonzo

On January 18, Anthony Castonzo appeared at a Verizon charity event held at the Fay Biccard Glick Neighborhood Center in Indianapolis. He was photographed by the Indy Star wearing a cast on his lower left leg and wheeling it around on a rolling chair designed to keep pressure off it. He also spoke with ColtsAuthority’s own Nate Dunlevy, and shared some information regarding his injured left ankle.

Like so many Colts’ players that night, Castonzo was injured in the Week 4 game against Tampa Bay. He sat out 4 games, then for the rest of the season just didn’t look as good as he had in the first games. Many had speculated that he hadn’t fully healed, and now we have confirmation that there had indeed been an issue.

Castonzo told Dunlevy that he had torn a tendon in his leg, and that he had surgery just last week (week of Jan 9). He expects to start upper body workouts by early February, and will begin to rehab his leg in early March. He is expected to make a full recovery.

My assumption is that the tendon he tore was his Achilles, which aids in pushing off and would explain why he seemed a bit slow off the line in the second half of the season. I also assume it was NOT a complete rupture, as that usually requires months to recover from and lands players on IR. (A 2010 study conducted of full tendon ruptures in NFL players indicated that 64% of players took an average of 11 months to return.)

Surgery involves stitching the tendon back together, either through an open incision with direct access to the tendon, or through small incisions similar to arthroscopic surgery. Recovery involves immobilizing the leg for a few weeks, then beginning strength and flexibility exercises. 

That Castonzo is expected to make a full recovery is of course great news, and while his health is most important, it’s also reassuring to consider he could be back to his early season self while blocking the blind side of Collins Painter Orlovsky Luck Manning Luck Cowan Manning ah heck who knows? next year.