In the Training Room: Colts LB Gary Brackett

In Week 1 action against the Houston Texans, LB Gary Brackett suffered a shoulder sprain after being tackled on an interception return early in the 4th quarter.  In what was according to Phil B. of the Indy Star one of Jim Caldwell’s most animated press conferences, Brackett was deemed to be out this week “barring a miracle.”  On Thursday, Sports Illustrated’s Will Carroll reported that the sprain was a Grade 2. A Grade 2 shoulder sprain most likely means that there has been a partial tear of the ligaments connecting the scapula to the collar bone, or of the tissue surrounding the joints.  Conquest Chronicles wrote up a nice explanation with some easy-to-understand illustrations for those who want to know more.

Gary Brackett, LB Date of Injury: September 11, 2011 Nature of Injury: Grade 2 shoulder sprain Typical Rehab Process/Duration: depends on the nature and severity of the injury, but can range from 2-10 weeks.  Initial treatment is “RICE” – (R)est, (I)ce, (C)ompression and (E)levation.  Brackett will likely be in a sling for the first several days, followed by exercises to increase range of motion and strength. Caldwell knew early that Brackett would be out for this coming week, and bucked tradition by actually announcing it publicly.  He also indicated that it would be a “miracle” if Brackett were to return this week, implying that he expects a longer-term recovery. While a 2-10 week return is a significant range, I’ll go in the middle of this range, and anticipate a 4-6 week recovery period. Dr. Blue’s Prognosis – Anticipated Week to Return: Week 6 @ Cincinnati