In the Training Room: Colts LB A.J. Edds

CBS’ Tom James provides an update on Colts linebacker A.J. Edds:

LB A.J. Edds (concussion) left the Bengals game in the third quarter after a jarring block by Cincinnati’s Cedric Peerman on a punt return. Edds was taken to the Colts’ locker room for further evaluation and did not return. There were no updates about his condition on Monday.

A concussion is the result of the brain hitting the inside of the skull, causing swelling and reduced function. Different symptoms could arise from the part of the brain hit, but generally the symptoms include headache, dizziness, not thinking clearly, sensitivity to light or noise.

This marks the second concussion (or apparent concussion) suffered by a Colts player this year. The first one was to QB Kerry Collins, who was diagnosed with “concussion-like symptoms” in the game against Pittsburgh in Week 3. It also marks the second time the Colts haven’t taken the stricken player directly into the locker room from the field. In both situations, TV cameras were trained on the player as they sat dazed on the sidelines with no team doctor in sight. I suppose it’s encouraging that the players were eventually evaluated more officially, and I suppose it’s encouraging that the players weren’t allowed to re-enter the game (ahem, Michael Vick). But at least in the case of Edds, the impact was so hard, it’s discouraging that he spent any unattended time on the sideline before finally being taken to the locker room.