AP: Matt Overton’s Road to the NFL

Matt Overton, as some of you know, is Indy's long snapper. The AP has a story on his path the NFL; from their account, it was anything but easy. He made two stops in the Arena Football League, was cut twice by the Seahawks in training camp and once by the Texans. And when the […]

Indy players all get an X-Box One, direct from Jim Irsay

Maybe it's the number of players on the IR; I've heard it can be hella-boring around this time of year. Anyway, Jim Irsay decided that, for Christmas, he'd get everyone on the team a $500 gaming system (because, you know. He can). The complete story is here, via CBS. Christmas came early for the Indianapolis Colts on […]

Ten guys you wouldn’t want to miss practice … do

Sigh. I guess it's that time of the year. Maybe the odds of Baltimore and Indy winning out are too slim. Maybe they're just playing it safe. But on Thursday, ten players – including Sergio Brown and T.Y. Hilton – missed practice, prompting a "let's use everyone as best we can" mentality. The complete story, […]

Colts: we’re coming to play, says KC Star

It's week 16 – but in a strange way, one 11-3 team and one 9-5 team will be playing for basically nothing. If you don't believe me, a clever little site I frequent – – has the probability of each team's seeding based on record and remaining games. And yes – even with a […]

Colts back in seeding mix, prompts bird jokes

Week 15 was beautiful. Denver, New England, and Cincinnati all lost, so the Colts climbed a game by virtue of Houston; meanwhile, AP writer Michael Marot has a bit regarding seeding, as the AFC playoff picture stands right now. Last Monday, after losing at Cincinnati, the Colts (9-5) appeared to be locked into the AFC's […]

Colts players happy with their job, given previous ones

In a curious little side article, Phil Richards goes into the backgrounds of guys like Vick Ballard and Pat McAfee, and the previous jobs they had before the NFL. While it's tough to see them as normally working people (my watering-plants-at-the-crack-of-dawn job isn't televised), Richards's article gives a very human perspective to Indy's players. Vick Ballard […]

Defense good, muses the wise Mike Wells

We're back! Clearly, my absence over the last week has nothing to do with the semester's end. It's all good news too, because – get this – Andrew Luck has never lost a game after putting up 25 points on an NFL opponent. He's also never lost a regular season game after beating Houston, so you can […]

A bit more on Adongo, via the Indy Star

I hasn't heard of Daniel Adongo before last offseason; now, I know a few things: 1. Adongo used to play rugby. 2. He hasn't played professional football before. 3. He might play this week. 4. He is UTTERLY TERRIFYING. I mean, especially after seeing pictures the Indy Star has posted, I've realized that I, at 5'7'', could […]

Kelley: Colts to Face Up-And-Down Fitz

It's more an analysis on Ryan Fitzpatrick than anything else, but Craig Kelley's take on Tennessee's QB gives a good insight into Sunday's game. A few of us still remember that one time when Buffalo started 5-1 in '08 behind the quarterback of the fut- or wait, that was Trent Edwards. Hm. Never mind. Fitzpatrick will […]

Wilson: Colts Should be Thankful! +Reasons

I heard that Colts fans are coddled. Think about it – we've had an awesome quarterback for 14 of the last 15 years, made the playoffs all but three times in that span, aren't Buffalo, and will probably make the playoffs this year. Still, a few days after a blowout loss (on the road) to Arizona […]

Irsay Acts Like True Fan, Explodes on Twitter

Sigh. At it again, Jim Irsay decided that his frustration (and ours) would be best expressed on Twitter; hence, the following: (there are quite a few, and the rest are here, on In Golf you're allowed 14 clubs..but if you're playing with 9 clubs..U got to hood a 8 iron n hIt It like […]

Injuries Could be Detrimental This Week

It won't be anything out of the ordinary, but Indy's injuries could factor heavily in Arizona – especially if Stanley Havili's concussion keeps him out (and it seems like it will). After years without a true fullback, Havili has been looking better every week (and along with Eric Walden, would get my nomination for most-improved […]

Arians Ready to Host Former Team This Week

Along with cornerback Jerraud Powers, Bruce Arians will be called to rise against his old team on Sunday in an effort to stay in the NFC wildcard. The Colts, meanwhile, will be playing for the bye – and more importantly, anything other than the four seed. Arians isn't claiming that Sunday will be easy, according […]

Schottey: Colts Still Rebuilding, Remember?

I mean, I don't want to call us coddled or anything. Last season, I went into the first seven or eight games thinking "points are a step forward, right?" despite their 5-3 record. Now, after an 11-5 season and Andrew Luck, we have very little to be complaining about – and yet, a lot of […]

Bowen: Hasselbeck Adds Important Veteran Presence to Team

I mean, let's be honest – Indy's backup quarterback plan has been like the house fire extinguisher – there, but only unitized if something's gone terribly wrong. This year's fire extinguisher, Matt Hasselbeck, brings something more to the table – as told by's Kevin Bowen. “No one can sleep, it’s late at night, everyone is replaying […]

Davenport: Fleener and Brown Key for Indy

Not that I've been advocating for Brown's play since week three or anything, but other people are finally getting on board as well. A 5.9 yard/carry rushing average certainly helps, as does his 153 yards on 18 targets in the passing game. Meanwhile, Coby Fleener – after floundering in the deep game week after week, […]

Pagano, Like Everyone Else, Wonders Where the Run Game Went

Ahem. It's been a problem for a while, yes. This time, Coach Pagano and Coby Fleener weigh in on why Indy's run game, and Trent Richardson, are faltering as the season progresses. The full story by Mark Sessier, via, is here. "Our inability to run the football of late, it hurts your football team," Pagano […]

Reggie Wayne, Indy’s New Wideout Coach (Actually)

It's a bit of good news for Indy's still-struggling wideout core: Reggie Wayne has been promoted to assistant wideout coach in all but title. Well, maybe that too (eventually); the 34-year old WR was instrumental in Sunday's win, feeding Luck info between drives and constantly analyzing Houston's defensive tendencies. Darin Gantt has the story via […]

Why Can’t the Colts Protect Luck? Sources Weigh In

Throughout Sunday's game, specifically in the first half, I was impressed with Andrew Luck, but not in the traditional, "look at that arm!" kind of way. It was his poise; despite the intense pressure Luck faced, he never threw stupid passes, always made sure to protect the ball, and turned the ball over zero times. […]

TMQ: Luck, Colts Might be the AFC Team to Beat

It's been thrown around all season, but in Tuesday Morning Quarterback this week, Gregg Easterbrook goes through every 'top team' in the league – and their 'authentic wins'. Specifically, the following: How do others compare? Undefeated Kansas City and stats-a-palooza Denver each have only one victory over a team with a winning record, in both […]