The BP Watch: Kravitz is at it Again

If you listened to the special Pancakes Podcast regarding the new Colts site, Colts Authority, you would have heard yours truly on for about twenty minutes to talk about Coltsider and the merger. One of the things I mentioned was something I'd be doing was a weekly breakdown of an article I vehemently disagreed with, […]

Colts Lose Close One to Panthers 27-19

After a back and forth game, the Colts choked at the end once again, with Panthers safety Sherrod Martin getting an interception in the back of the endzone with 40 seconds left. The Colts were down 13-24 with under 9 minutes left in the game, when Reggie Wayne scored on a 56 yard pass from […]

Weekly Matchup Preview: Indianapolis Colts vs. Carolina Panthers

This is the eleventh of 16 articles that I will post throughout the season , previewing the Colts' upcoming matchup.  I'll attempt to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, a few areas to focus on,  and a couple of key individual matchups. Overview:  It's now been 46 weeks since the Indianapolis Colts have […]

Should the Colts Claim Kyle Orton off Waivers?

One of the few positives that come with an 0-10 record is that the Indianapolis Colts hold the #1 waiver priority – meaning they get the first crack at any player that has recently been released.  Through 10 games, the Colts offense ranks 30th in Passing Yards, 32nd in Yards Per Attempt (YPA), 30th in […]

Guest Post: Farewell Caldwell?

Editor's Note: This post brought to you by occasional Coltsider contributor Stephen Reed. Thanks to him once again.  First off, anyone who says they predicted the Colts would be heading into the bye week winless is lying. No one saw this coming. No one. However, the Colts are indeed 0-10 and hold a 2 game […]

Changes in the Blogosphere: Coltsider’s New Home

In a continued effort to provide Colts fans with insightful analysis, alternative perspectives on Colts news, and a rewarding community experience, Coltsider is uniting with fellow bloggers to form a new site – – which will launch in the coming weeks. 18to88 founder Nate Dunlevy, Coltzilla founder Brett Mock, and I (Kyle) have been privileged to work with […]

What to do with the Number One Pick?

With the NFL regular season slowly winding down, it looks like the Colts are in the driver's seat for the #1 pick. With the exclusive rights to the Andrew Luck lottery, the Colts will hear their fair share of trade offers. I truthfully have no idea what the Colts are going to do with the pick, but […]

Defining Tebow: Winner or Fluke?

No, this isn't about the Colts. And yes, you've probably heard enough about Tim Tebow to last a lifetime. But, the Colts had a bye week, and Tebow is an intriguing character. So, continue if you'd like, move along if you'd rather gouge your eyes out than hear any more on Tim Tebow. Before I […]

Coltsider Hits 100,000 Visitors!

As of early this morning, Coltsider has officially had over 100,000 visitors. Since launching this past July, Coltsider has grown very quickly, gaining a consistent readership and following, both at and on Twitter @Coltsider. We've had quality discussions and contributions stemming from readers like yourselves, and have enjoyed every minute of it! None of […]

Tale of the Tape: Anthony Castonzo vs. the Jaguars

Anthony Castonzo was the first pick by the Colts in the 2011 NFL Draft, and looked to be the perfect pick for the Colts at #24 overall. After a promising first three games, Castonzo was hurt versus the Buccaneers, and missed four more games. Since coming back, Castonzo hasn't seemed the same, and as the […]

Suggestions for Jaguars Film Review?

Once again, I’m going to be doing a film review of the Jaguars game for tomorrow. I was late last week, but I’m not quite as busy this week, so it should be up Thursday, with the next Judging the Draft piece up tomorrow. Some possible ideas are: Taking a detailed look at the cornerbacks, […]

Stew Blake Joining Stampede Blue

Well, friends, it has been an unbelievable couple months here at Coltsider despite the dreadful 2011-12 season we've had to suffer through with our beloved team. Fortunately, my time here has worked out in the best way possible and because of this smooth sailing, I was lucky enough to use my opportunity as Editor here […]

Don’t Be Surprised

This game wasn't bad. Ok, yes, losing to the Jaguars is embarrassing. The team is being led by one of the worst starting quarterbacks I've seen in a long time in Blaine Gabbert. But, not to be out done, Curtis Painter had an even worse day than the rookie, throwing for just 94 yards on 13 […]