Colts Get Another Win, Beat Texans 19-16

Kyle Rodriguez provides a quick reaction to the Colts come-from-behind victory over the visiting Texans. What an awesome game. The Colts didn’t lock up the number one pick, but as I said during the game on Twitter, you have to root for a win on game day, you can talk about the draft for the […]

Tale of the Tape: Colts Running Game and Downfield Blocking

Kyle Rodriguez breaks down the Colts ability to block for running backs down field, helping to break long runs. For the first time all season, I was able to review a game where I looked forward to the outcome, and where the big plays didn’t have a “But,” added on to them. It was a […]

Colts Get First Win Against Titans: 27-13

Great feelings abound within my soul today as the Colts finally got a win. Good play from both sides of the ball, compiled with the Titans being bad, equals a win for the Colts. Quick hitters from today's game : Donald Brown had a huge game with 16 carries for 161 yards, including four runs […]

Quick BP Watch: Things Nobody Mentioned About Polian’s Show

So everybody is jumping on Bill Polian for constructively criticizing Pat McAfee. Why? Not because he was wrong, but because he “singled him out,” and “refused to criticize other facets of the team.” Unfortunately, that’s a complete load of barn poop. A lot of what the ole’ ginger said was missed for some odd reason […]

Notes From Sunday’s Game

Here are some quick-hitters from Sunday's game. The defense, though better than last week, only forced one punt. The Ravens offense isn't great (although 12th in the league isn't too shabby), but was still able to pretty much move the ball at will, but didn't put up a ton of points. This would have been […]

Orlovsky Returns to Earth: Colts Lose 24-10

After looking like an NFL quarterback against the Patriots secondary last week, Dan Orlovsky returned to form against the Baltimore Ravens, leading to the Colts' 167 total yards on the day, 76 of which came on the final drive of the game. He ended with 136 yards on 17 of 37, with one touchdown and […]

Weekly Matchup Preview: Indianapolis Colts @ Baltimore Ravens

  This is the 13th of 16 articles that I will post throughout the season, previewing the Colts' upcoming matchup.  I'll attempt to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, a few areas to focus on, and a couple of key individual matchups. Overview:  Things aren't getting much easier this week for the winless […]

Tale of the Tape: Why the Colts Succeeded on 3rd Down

The Colts success on offense against the Patriots was a blessing to see, and should give Colts fans some hope for the future. Not only the future of this season, but future seasons, with key young players like Austin Collie, Pierre Garcon, and Donald Brown having good games. One of the big reasons why the […]

Busy Week: Requests?

Unfortunately, this week and next will be pretty swamped for me, with the semester coming to a close. I’m going to be jammed for time, but I’d like to see the posts be as informative as possible. So, in light of that, I need some opinions. Do you have any requests for this week? Tape […]

Key Points from the Colts-Patriots Game

The Colts' loss to the New England Patriots turned out to be a much closer outcome than expected by most fans and experts, and actually provided us with some good things to talk about for once! Good: Dan Orlovsky played a very good game, albeit against a terrible defense. Yes, the vast majority of his […]

Colts Lose to Patriots, Make it Respectable: 31-24

Well, it ended how we expected it to, but the Colts made it much more exciting than anyone would have expected. After falling behind 31-3 late in the third quarter, Dan Orlovsky led the team on three touchdown drives in the fourth quarter, two passes and one Donald Brown run. Their comeback bid fell short […]

Weekly Matchup Preview: Indianapolis Colts @ New England Patriots

This is the twelfth of 16 articles that I will post throughout the season, previewing the Colts' upcoming matchup.  I'll attempt to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of both teams, a few areas to focus on, and a couple of key individual matchups. Overview:  So much for the War of 1812.  With Peyton Manning still […]

Coyer Was Never Good For the Colts

The Colts announced their big news yesterday, that defensive coordinator Larry Coyer had been terminated. Since then, I’ve heard several claims that Larry Coyer didn’t deserve any blame for the defensive fiasco. Critics pointed to Coyer’s first year as being successful, a vast improvement over the days of conservative Ron Meeks, and that the injury […]

UPDATES: Coyer Fired, Orlovsky Promoted To Starter

The Colts were busy today, announcing the termination of defensive coordinator Larry Coyer who will be replaced by linebacker coach Mike Murphy. Coyer's defense has steadily declined since Coyer has been in charge. After ending 11th (total defense) in the league with Ron Meeks as DC in 2008, the Colts have gone 18th, 20th, and 29th […]