18 Questions with John Oehser

In just a matter of months, the Indy Football Report (IFR) has burst on the blogging scene and become a favorite of Colts fans.  The man behind the new blog, John Oehser, not only has a last name that is counter-intuitive when it comes time to spell it, but also has extensive experience writing for […]

18 Questions with Bob Kravitz

An old Japanese proverb says if you wait by the river long enough, you will see the body of your enemy float by.  Wise words, but we didn’t feel like waiting.  So we sent him an email instead.  Luckily, Bob Kravitz was kind enough to write us back.   Bob is the featured sports columnist for the Indianapolis Star.  He is […]

18 Questions with

One of my favorite sites is  It’s a handy little site that stores all the contract information and cap numbers for the Colts.  It’s a great page to check out whenever you are wondering what the contract status of a Colts player is.  Here’s an interview with the mysterious author of, B.A.V. Normal […]

Uncommon-A Book Review

Tony Dungy would like a word with you. His newest book, Uncommon, differs from Quiet Strength in a number of ways. Whereas his first book was more of a memoir about his life, this new offering is more like a pastoral chat.  Let me begin by saying that I have no ability to be objective […]

Marcus Pollard-Classic Colt

In 1995, the Colts took a chance on a raw talent out of Bradley University, who didn’t play college football, but rather basketball.  Little did they know that Marcus Pollard would wind up as a Colt for nearly a decade.  He would end up becoming a major contribuitor for the Colts, peaking in 2001 with […]

LOST NFL Standings for 2008 (Updated)

Predicted NFL Standings for 2008   Last year, we asked ourselves, “How should we present our predictions for the season?”  Using Star Wars characters was the obvious answer.  But now, it’s a new season, and no matter how much we love all things Lucas, we simply cannot justify raising our nerdiness to Urkelian heights by doing […]

Apples to Apples: Debunking Cold Hard Football Facts

There’s been enough preamble to this post that I shouldn’t have to explain why it’s necessary. Let me explain one thing, however.  This post is NOT an attack on Kurt Warner.  I like Kurt Warner.  I think he’s a good QB. I’m rooting for him next week.  This piece is in response to CHFF, and […]

18 Bold Predictions for 2008 (UPDATED)

It’s Gonna Happen: 18 Bold Predictions for 2008: A Look back: Now with more colons:! Ok, so we were a bit spotty last year. That won’t stop us from speaking our minds about 2008… 1. The Colts will win the AFC South. Result:  BZZZZ. Very few people correctly picked the Titans to win the South.  […]

Eyes in the Backfield – Chargers (Playoff Edition)

Don’t worry, Norv.  Just call a timeout and everything will be fine. It’s playoff time.  When last these two teams met, the Colts came away with a clutch win in one of the best games of the year.  Now, they meet again with both teams blazingly hot.  The winner may well storm the gates of […]

Eyes in the Backfield – Titans

Take a break, Peyton.  You’ve earned it. Last week, we witnessed on of the great games in Colts history.  For years, we’ll remember the night when we saw Manning at the absolute peak of his powers. His reward?  A nice relaxing trip to the bench.  That’s right, it’s December and the Titans are in town, […]

Eyes in the Backfield – Jaguars

A normal Thursday night in downtown Jacksonville.  Even when the Jags aren’t playing. Last week, the boys sucked me into predicting the blowout, yet required another fourth quarter TD from Manning and company to pull one out against Detroit.  Now, almost unbelievably, the Colts have a chance to wrap up a playoff spot with an […]

Eyes in the Backfield – Lions

It’s been a humiliating year for Rod Marinelli in Detroit Last week’s game finally produced a long awaited blowout, and now with the playoffs on the line the Colts are visited by another of the worst franchises in professional sports. The Detroit Lions are threatening to become the first team in NFL history to successfully […]

Eyes in the Backfield – Bengals

It’s always fun, fun, fun, fun, fun when the Tiggers come to town Although last week’s game didn’t turn out anything like we expected, it wasn’t a total surprise given the terrible weather conditions.  Oddly enough, this story seemed to get underplayed as the game was discussed during the week.  Worse than an uninspiring offensive […]

Revised Star Wars Predictions-2007

We asked ourselves, “How should we present our predictions for the season?”  Using Star Wars characters was the obvious answer.  Actually, Star Wars is the answer to most important questions.     Prediction AFC EAST Star Wars Character Result? New England 11 – 5 Emperor Palpatine Keeps Darth Vader (below) on a tight leash.  Used […]

Eyes in the Backfield – Chargers

I don’t know about Petty, but the rest of these guys always seem to show up with the Chargers Other than Bob Sanders absence killing the defense, we were pretty happy with how last week’s Eyes turned out. This week the Horse faces the toughest test left on it’s regular season slate: the San Diego […]

Eyes in the Backfield – Browns

Eyes in the Backfield 18 things to watch for in the Browns/Colts game Now that Cleveland Municipal Stadium is gone, it’s a neck and neck race for the title of “Mistake by the Lake”   Another week, another miracle. In what once seemed to be a lost season, the Colts have stormed back to three […]

Eyes in the Backfield – Texans

Eyes in the Backfield 18 things to watch for in the Texans/Colts game When Mathis and Rosenfels meet again, this could well happen After winning a game that we thought would be impossible, the Colts look to get on a serious roll. As luck would have it, the Houston Texans roll into Indy this week. […]

18 Plays Write-up Steelers

18 Plays (sort of) from the Colts/Steelers game We actually recorded this podcast, but the audio recording didn’t come out right. This will have to do… Quarter 1 1. 3-2-IND 42 (11:41) 7-B.Roethlisberger pass deep right to 10-S.Holmes to IND 19 for 23 yards. Demond: The Steelers were already in four down territory, so throwing […]

18 Plays Write-up Texans

18 Plays (sort of) from the Colts/Texans game Ok, so it’s not the witty banter you’re used to from the podcast, but we went to all the work to make these brilliant observations, the least we could do was write them down for you… Quarter 1 1. 12:19 Indy ball, 4th and 1 from the […]