Advanced NFL Stats: Texans punt was a gift

Advanced NFL Stats broke down some kicking decisions this week and notes one in particular didn’t look like a bad decision at the time: Speaking of the Thursday night game…HOU, up by a point, kicks a FG on 4th and 2 from the IND 13 with 2 min to play. What’s the big deal, you […]

CHFF: NFC reigns supreme

Cold Hard Football Facts believes the NFC is now clearly superior to the AFC: In the AFC, every team has some pretty obvious flaws. The Patriots can’t play defense. The Steelers have a hurt quarterback. The Ravens have a pedestrian offense. The Texans are down to “Some Dude” at quarterback. The AFC West winner? Let’s […]

Mock reviews the Texans game

Brett Mock of Coltzilla (and the soon-to-be-launched reviews the Texans game and notes positive trends from Mike Murphy’s revamped defense: The Colts are beginning to display a defensive trend. Since coordinator Larry Coyer was fired and replaced by former linebackers coach Mike Murphy, the Colts have gotten back to basics. Simple Cover-2 zone assignments […]

Jaguars slumping to finale against Colts

The AFC South is topsy turvy.  The Colts are dead last, the Texans finally won a division crown but are regressing to their usual lackluster form and the Titans are vying for a playoff spot despite horrible performances most of the year from Chris Johnson.  You can count on one thing:  the Jaguars suck.   […]

Vikings out of Luck sweepstakes

Despite injuries to Christian Ponder and Adrian Peterson, the Vikings beat the Redskins to eliminate their shot at the #1 overall pick in the draft: The Minnesota Vikings eliminated themselves by winning their third game, 33-26 at Washington. Because their schedule was stronger than either the Colts or the Rams played, the Vikings can’t select first even […]

Wayne wants to stay

Reggie Wayne tells the NFL Network crew after the win that he wants to be a Colt. He understands the business side of the equation but the joy in his face as he talks about the city, the fans and his teammates says he wants to finish his career in horseshoes.   Watch the video […]

Elway, Schlichter or Manning?

Scott Stinson of the National Post reminds us that the Colts have drafted supposed franchise QBs before with wildly differing results: Maybe Andrew Luck will be the next Elway. Maybe he will be the next Schlichter. Maybe the Colts should keep trying to win. Tanking comes with no guarantees.

The Manning face

Peyton Manning is famous for his laser rocket arm, hitting kids in the back during United Way fundraisers and his affection for his favorite meat cutters.  He’s also famous for his histrionics at the line of scrimmage and grimace when watching a game.  SBNation captured some special “Manning Face” moments last night including a glorious […]

PFW: Polian has lost the locker room

Pro Football Weekly says they have a source indicating that Bill Polian has lost the locker room, the media and possibly Jim Irsay: Two days before the victory over the Texans, tensions mounted at a Caldwell press conference, when a Colts PR representative engaged in a shouting match with a reporter regarding access to Colts […]

Former Colts jerseys

One of my favorite things to do in any NFL stadium is watch for outdated jerseys.  I’m not talking about the guys in Detroit wearing classic Sanders jerseys or the folks sporting throwback jerseys.  I’m talking about that guy in Jacksonville still rocking the Steve Beuerlein or Byron Leftwich jersey, the guy in Indy with […]

Kravitz: Clean house

I’ve been struggling to come to terms with this article as I agree with much of what Bob Kravitz says here.  He says to kick both Polians to the curb, fire Caldwell and get a strong coach who wants more organizational control.  He’s particularly hard on the Polians and to a degree justifiably so: Bill […]

Chappell: Colts won’t quit

Mike Chappell says in his mailbag the Colts simply won’t quit: ANSWER: The only thing for the Colts to do is head to Jacksonville and try to finish the season with a three-game winning streak. Players who are healthy will play. Players who are dealing with injuries – Dallas Clark, Philip Wheeler, maybe Joe Retiz […]

Kuharsky: Murphy may survive

Paul Kuharsky thinks Mike Murphy have a shot to stick at defensive coordinator: Riding a wave: The Colts are peaking late with two victories in a row. Even if they win Jan. 1 in Jacksonville, the late surge won’t mean that a healthy Peyton Manning will fix everything. A big finish shouldn’t wash away all the […]

Orlovsky: win worth losing the pick

Dan Orlovsky has lived a brutal NFL career but moments like this make me love the guy: “I think we all know the situation, but we’re all in the NFL,” Orlovsky told “The Dan Patrick Show” on Friday. “… By the way we play, you can tell we don’t care about that, we just want to […]

Houston not robbed

All morning I listened to talk radio callers claiming Houston was robbed by officiating.  Chris Baldwin of CultureMap Houston claims the Texans were victims and jokingly suggests it’s karma for hitting the Manning lottery in 1998: After all, it’d be easy to see the powers that be deciding that adding Luck to follow Peyton Manning is […]

One last hurrah for Wayne?

Reggie Wayne is a Classic Colt, a certain member of the Ring of Honor and one of the greatest receivers to ever wear a horseshoe.  Will he wear another color next year?  He’s made his case for a new contract: For an idea of just how valuable Wayne has been during his career, consider this: […]

Wayne gave Orlovsky his TD ball

Reggie Wayne, like Marvin Harrison before him, keeps the ball every time he catches a TD.  Harrison famously claimed he would make a chair with his.  Reggie Wayne did something very, very special with one of the most memorable TD balls he ever caught as a Colt in Indianapolis: After perhaps making his last catch […]

Richards: Colts refuse to lose

Phil Richards notes that the spirit we’ve seen all year from an intensely proud group of men used to winning simply willed them to win: The Colts refused to lose. They got an outstanding effort from a defense that has allowed 26 points in the past two games. They got field goals of 23, 32, […]

Kuharsky: making us love it

Paul Kuharsky loves the crazy way this league works. Last night win reminded him, as well as the rest of us, that it’s really is a an incredibly exciting, unpredictable game: It’s inexplicable, really.  Lose 13 in a row and look terrible while doing so. Then, follow it up with two wins in five days.  […]

Wilson: Mathis and Wayne deserve it

Last night Reggie Wayne and Robert Mathis played like the Pro Bowlers they are.  Mathis had two sacks and terrorized a shellshocked TJ Yates.  Wayne might have saved the Manning era with his game winning TD.   Phillip B. Wilson wrote a great recap today paying homage to both: If Reggie Wayne was saying good-bye, […]