The Classic Colts (updated 2/23/10)

What is a Classic Colt? We at recognize that great teams are made up of more than just superstars.  Actually, so are bad teams.  Not every Colt that made an impact will gain induction into the Ring of Honor.  For those who were good, and even occasionally great, we have created the special designation […]

18 Classic Posts from 18to88

Four years ago today, my brother Luke unleashed on the world.  Originally, the site existed both as a blog and a separate website.  Mercifully, the two merged.  In honor of our anniversary, I give you 18 Classic Posts in Chronological order. 1.  August 2, 2007 Replete with old school formatting hassles, we took on […]

The 18 Toughest Indianapolis Colts Losses of All Time (Updated 2/14/11)

1.  At Pittsburgh Steelers 1995 playoffs          Steelers 20  Colts 16 What hurts the worst?  Why do I still think about this game once or twice a month?  Is it Coryatt dropping the INT that would have won the game?  Is it the Steelers 4th down conversion?  Was it the ball dribbling off of Aaron Bailey’s […]

The Most Important Wins in Indianapolis Colts History (updated 2/11/2011)

We’ve already chronicled some of the ‘greatest games‘ from a purely aesthetic standpoint, but now it’s time to look at some of the ‘most important’ wins in franchise history. These games are placed in order of their importance to the Colts in Indianapolis. This list is presented by Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the […]

The 18 Best Indianapolis Colts Games of All Time (Updated 2/11)

This list is brought to you by Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts These games were selected based upon the quality of the actual game, and not solely on its significance to the team. Defeating the Bears in Super Bowl XLI was the most significant win in franchise history, but it really […]

The 18 Best Individual Seasons by a Colt

This post is presented by Blue Blood: Tales of Glory of the Indianapolis Colts.  Buy your copy today! The Indianapolis Colts have had some amazing performances over the years.  Here are the 18 best seasons posted by a player in an Indianapolis Colts uniform 18. Rohn Stark 1992 Rohn Stark is one of the great […]

Should Bill Polian be in the Hall of Fame? (updated: 1/15)

Before any discussion of Polian’s credentials, let’s begin with an understanding that ‘Team Builders’ do not make the Hall of Fame unless they are also owners.  In the history of the NFL, only 2 men have made it to Canton, OH primarily as team administrators.  This piece will compare Bill Polian’s record with theirs to […]

How Your Blood Turns Blue (Part 2)

Yesterday, I shared some stories of how Colts fans were made.  Several more stories came in from other readers, and I want to share them here.  If you have a story you want added to the chronicle, just add it to the comments and I’ll make sure it gets in the body of the text.  […]

The Official Glossary

(This article can be found in the Fixtures Sidebar) Over the past three years, we’ve tossed around a lot of theories, acronyms and inside jokes.  Sometimes, it gets old having to reexplain the same concepts over and over.  For new readers (especially drop in Pats fans) here’s everything you need to understand the world of […]

Colts/Pats Memories readers share their most memorable moments from the Colts/Pats rivalry I have several indelible memories of great games between the Colts and Patriots.  My first is watching Harbaugh lead the Colts to 10 second half points to win the final game of the regular season in 1995 to send the Colts to the playoffs.  […]

18 More Reasons to Hate the Patriots

Because 88 just aren’t enough 1.  The Tom Brady Rule.  It figures that a rule named after Tom Brady would serve to further emasculate football. 2.  Junior Seau is back again?  Didn’t I just see him on a reality TV show? 3.  They’ve turned Randy Moss into a sure-fire first ballot Hall of Famer.  Do you […]

Baltimore or Indy

25 years ago, Bob Irsay moved the NFL Colts from Baltimore to Indianapolis.  In honor of that momentous day, let’s compare the two cities 25 years later to see which comes out on top in each of 25 categories. Indianapolis Baltimore Winner 1. Stadium Lucas Oil Stadium M&T Bank Stadium Indy 2. Signature Irsay Jim […]