The Case Against Bill Polian

Nate makes the case against Bill Polian, which is different from the popular criticisms often used in the media.   I love a good debate. I love when there are points to be made on both sides, and the dialogue is intense. This season, one of the most hotly debated topics among Colts writers (though […]

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from Colts Authority’s Nate Dunlevy   A multitude of angels, a band of shepherds, three wise man, two frightened parents, one Baby, one God; some things are worth coming for.  Throngs of hurting people, a host of angry officials, twelve naive disciples, one Man, one God; some things are worth leaving for.  Thunder, […]

Painter v. Orlovsky

Nate breaks down the comparison between Colts quarterbacks Dan Orlovsky and Curtis Painter.   Some have made the claim recently that Orlvosky has played at a level Curtis Painter is not capable of. I believe Painter not only played at that level, but surpassed it. Painter’s play was never the same after the New Orleans […]

Quick Notes On The Win

Nate breaks down notable occurrences and performances in the Colts win over the Texans.   It’s Christmas and I’m exhausted from a long and memorable night. I’m not going spin up a narrative today. You all saw Reggie Wayne with his arms raised. That’s all the narrative any of us need.  My quick hits: I […]

Eyes in the Backfield-Texans

6 Things To Watch For In Thursday’s Colts Texans Game Time to say farewell to some great Colts. Last week, the Colts finally broke through with a win. This week, they take on division rivals the Texans in the final home game of the year. Here’s what to watch for tonight… 1. Watch for tears. […]

Premium seats for Colts/Texans available for over $40 off face!

How to get holiday Colts tickets for cheap!   It’s Christmas, and if you want to give an amazing experience to the Colts fan on your list, think about premium tickets to Thursday night’s game. Look, you can get $10 seats, but why not spend a few bucks more and get them a gift they’ll […]

It’s Beginning to Book A Lot like Christmas

Nate Dunlevy’s books. The ultimate stocking stuffer?   There are five more days to Christmas, but there is still time to get your copies of Blue Blood and Invincible, Indiana. If you order both books from Madison House and want them rushed, send me a note and we’ll work out special shipping arrangements. I still […]

Great Footage of a Happier Time

Moments of glory in Colts history encapsulated in new NFL Films release.   A new film from NFL Films releases today. Two Minutes to Glory focuses on some of the great comebacks in NFL History, and not surprisingly the Colts feature prominently. The movie is over 100 minutes long and includes most of the truly […]

The Tie Breaker

Nate Dunlevy breaks down scenarios for Colts draft positioning in 2012. Here’s my math on the Colts Strength of Schedule Tie Breaker scenario. Currently the standings are like this: Indy 120-103 Minnesota 127-97 Saint Louis 130-90 After the jump, the following chart shows all remaning games and how they total if things go as badly […]

Wins for Christmas, Let’s be Glad

Since it’s Christmas, let’s be glad Even if your life’s been bad There are presents to be had They won. In the span of three minutes in the third quarter, the Colts emerged from their long winter’s nap. Dan Orlovsky finished off a touchdown drive with his only good throw of the day, but what […]

Colts-Titans Open Thread

Here’s today’s Open Thread for the Colts Titans game. I’ll be on Be sure to check out our Gameday Follow List for the other writers, as well as the best local and national voices. Go Horse!

Where Barnwell Went Wrong

Many have asked me to respond to Bill Barnwell’s piece in Grantland about the Colts. Most of it has been addressed on this site before, but I wanted to give a cliff-notes style response to his specific arguments. Barnwell is one of the best NFL writers around, and one of my absolute favorites. This was […]