18 Plays Posted

18 Plays is up for last weeks’ Jags game.  18 Plays is brought to you by Broad Ripple Tree Service.  You can listen by downloading the podcast here, subscribing via ITunes, or by listening in the embedded player below. Holiday scheduling note:  I’ll be linking up articles, but don’t look for a major post until […]

Scheduling Conflict

Westside Rob chimes in with this little bit of research: I’ve been seeing a lot of people starting to talk up Rivers MVP candidacy and one of the arguments they seem to be using is that the Colts haven’t played anyone (See PK’s MMQB-Tues Edition). So I did a quick breakdown on the respective schedules, […]

Choose Wisely

(Note:  I’m stealing this metaphor from Demond’s comments yesterday.  All credit to him and the readers for developing it.  It deserves to see the light of day). The Holy Grail. It represents eternal life.  He who possesses it will live forever.  The closer anyone gets to it, however, the more deadly it becomes. Indy is […]

Happy Coltsnukkah

From: MonkeyBusiness (aka Adam) To: All our Jewish readers, (even you, JC) We have a little QB His name is Peyton M. And when he throws for TDs Us fans, we all love him Oh Peyton Peyton Peyton Our Manning, he did play Oh Peyton Peyton Peyton TDs he throws all day He has a […]

Twas the night before New York

Twas the night before New York, and all through the city, Not a Colt was a stirrin’, it was such a pity The playoffs were set with a bye all secure, But the fans all felt 16-0’s great allure The DEs were resting, all snug on the sidelines And Peyton was sitting, just biding his […]

All Locked Up?

A couple of weeks ago, I handicapped the MVP race.  Let’s see how that’s worked out. 1.  Peyton Manning What he had to do:  Go 16-0 and/or break the completion percentage record What he has done in the last three games:  3-0, 61%, 96.0 rating, 9 TDs 4 INT, had a huge game on national […]

The Path of Least Resistance

Since 2004, the Fantastic Four have dominated the AFC. The Patriots, Steelers, Colts and Chargers have won 19 of a possible 24 division titles (assuming the Pats win this year).  They represent 8 of the last 10 AFC Conference finalists.  They have won 4 of the past 5 Super Bowls between them. They are a […]

Who to Root For-Week 15

Let’s take a quick look at the Colts rooting interests this weekend… First, our ideal order of finish: 1. Colts (locked) 2.  San Diego-Let’s be realistic.  It would be great if the Chargers finish 3rd, but I doubt it’s going to happen.  Ultimately, I’d rather put NE and SD against each other in round two […]

MVP #4!?!!?

Peyton says… “Believe it.” Cowboys 24  –  Saints 17

I Phone, you phone, we all phone for…welll you get the idea

Well, hey, hey. Haven’t we just hit the big time now? If you’ll casually glance to the left, you’ll see that you can now download a FREE IPhone app. The app is a great way to keep tabs on via your mobile device.  Personally, I have an IPod Touch that is become a […]

Back in the Saddle

After a couple of incredible days away with my wife, I’m back and ready to recap last night’s thriller.  I have an inbox full of mail and suggested links, so I’ll try and spend the next couple of hours catching everything up.  To start, let’s look back at the high drama that was last night. […]

Colts at Jaguars Game Blog

Welcome to week 15 of the NFL season.  The Indianapolis Colts are looking to start the 2009 season with 14 consecutive victories.  That would set the franchise record. Freeney and Mathis are active and in the starting lineup. PK is reading my mind about playing Freeney and Mathis primarily on third down. We don’t usually […]

Eyes in the Backfield Jaguars (road)

18 Things to Watch for During Thursday’s Colts/Jaguars Game Do you have a home for this cat?  It is unwanted by its current owners. Last week’s game was up and down, but came out pretty much like we planned. Indy’s reward for such a historic win?  A road game against a desperate division foe just […]

What’s Missing Here?

The Colts are 13-0 and will not play a meaningful game for a month.  We know the Colts will get a shot at perfection.  We know the Colts will host a home game on either January 16th or 17th.  We know Indy will be rested and close to full strength when the playoffs come around.  […]

Coach of the Year

I’ve already written a piece praising Jim Caldwell’s nearly flawless performance this year, and I don’t want to recover the same ground today, but it’s time to make the case for Caldwell as the best coaching performance in 2009.  Forget for a moment that the Coach of the Year award should go to the best […]

Horse Sense

It’s difficult to summarize one of the most exhausting wins in quite some time.  Sunday’s game felt like a ten round heavy weight fight, but in the end, it could be exactly what the Colts need to be ready for January.  Really, it was a tremendous game for the Colts with two major exceptions.  First… […]

Colts Broncos Game Blog

PREGAME: Mathis, Session, Brackett and Wayne have all been declared to be active per ESPN.  Mathis’s inclusion in the active list today is a major boon to the Colts’ chances. FIRST QUARTER: The Colts start at the 20 to begin the game.  Garcon starts off hot with a 30 yard catch and run.  Manning completes […]

Who to Root for: Week 14

The race in the AFC has changed significantly in the past few weeks thanks to New England’s late season swoon.  The Pats are more or less locked into the fourth seed, barring a total collapse.  They have very little chance of moving up in the standings.  With that in mind let’s take a look at […]