Over Charged (reprint)

Note: This originally ran last year, but it certainly fits this week! I can’t take it any more.  It’s time to set the record straight: The Chargers don’t “have the Colts number”. They don’t “pose matchup problems” Indy should not “be afraid” of them. The Chargers are a good team. They are the second best […]

Most Crushing?

Cold Hard Football Facts recently ranked the most crushing playoff turnovers of all time.  They put Manning’s pick in the Super at #2.  That seems crazy high to me.  Let’s look at some of the turnovers that were much more devastating than that one.  In fairness, CHFF only used conference championship games and Super Bowls, […]

Feeling LOST

I hate the extra week before the Super Bowl. One moment everything is happening, it’s all action and excitement, and then a giant H-bomb of confetti goes off, and the whole slate is wiped clean, reset.  The only thing I can do about it is wait.  Waiting drives you crazy.  When the AFC Championship game […]

Colts at Bills Live Game Blog

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Closing the Book

My final thoughts on Painter-gate.  I haven’t been this ready to move on from something since high school.  Fittingly there are seven of them. 1.   It was good that Irsay said something.  He took responsibility (which he should have).  I agree with him that the move was courageous because it was rooted in principles.  Personally, […]

Work Left To Do

Let’s talk about football, shall we? Remember that game with a brown ball played on a striped field? Now that the Colts have completed the regular season (chuckle, chuckle), it’s time to look potential pitfalls come playoff time.  The Colts are a very good team.  They may be an all time great team.  They are […]

Rally Mask

A brief list of some of the things Bill Polian has done for Indianapolis: 1.  Drafted Peyton Manning. 2.  Drafted Edgerrin James. 3.  Hired Tony Dungy. 4.  Drafted Dwight Freeney. 5.  Won Super Bowl XLI. 6.  Won 115 games in a decade. 7.  Created a team known throughout sports for its class and competence. 8.  […]

DZ on XL 950 at 4:20

DZ and Big Blue Shoe will be on XL 950 today to discuss the “unpleasentness”.  Tune in at 4:20 Indy time.  

Congrats to our Winner!

Just a special note to congratulate our 18to88 fantasy winner: Demond Sanders and his team 2Cool4School and 4U! Demond dominated the league as the #1 overall seed, but squeezed out a narrow semi-final victory by just 0.7 points. A big congrats to league runner up Eric Frohiep’s Triple Threat team and third place winner K […]

Mr. Irsay, You need to do something

Some disclaimers before I begin: My brother and I are season ticket holders for the Indianapolis Colts.  Currently, I live overseas and Demond attends all the games, but my name is on the tickets too. We sold our tickets for Sunday’s game for a decent price.  Ours is a working family.  We knew the Colts […]

There is no such thing as “Momentum”

No arugments.  Just numbers. Since 2004, teams entering the playoffs with a winning streak of at least three games are 15-16 in the playoffs. The 2005 Steelers are the only team with a winning streak of at least three games that has won the Super Bowl in that stretch Only one other team made the […]

Now that we’ve all calmed down…

Not everything was gloom and doom last night.  There is a bright side to all this, several in fact.  I decided not to post it last night, because I was angry too.  The night was for venting.  The day is for restoring.  Before we close the book on Painter-gate a couple of final thoughts that […]

Here’s another way to look at it…

They had to pull Peyton. If anything happened to him, we’d probably not pick up another first down the rest of the season, let alone win a game. Curtis Painter is NOT an NFL quarterback.  No team in football has a bigger drop off from #1 to #2 QB. If anything, Manning won the MVP […]


Jets 29  –   Colts 15

Caldwell’s Choice

Jim Caldwell is a brave man.  He just promised Colts fans everywhere that the 2009 Colts are going to win the Super Bowl.  And woe unto him if he doesn’t fulfill that promise.  Unfair on our part?  Yes.  Caldwell was just doing what he thought was best for his team.  Unwise on his part?  Yes, […]