Taking home a prize

Great article on what memorabilia Colts players treasure Wide receiver Reggie Wayne caught 11 of Manning’s then-record 49 touchdown passes in 2004. He has a unique item to remember it. “The only thing I have is a poster of all the guys who caught a touchdown pass from Peyton, it’s like a collage, the year […]

Non-insider version of pick six article

For those who couldn’t read it yesterday Is it a consistent skill to throw pick-sixes or avoid them? It certainly doesn’t appear to be. Over the remainder of their careers from 2002-2010, Johnson and Feeley threw six pick-sixes out of their 46 interceptions, a rate of 13.0 percent. Look at the other end of the […]

Reds hungry for a title

The NY Times examines the baseball renaissance in Cincy No wonder people talk about the Big Red Machine of the 1970s and live with the ancient glory of having fielded the first professional baseball team back in 1869. “I respect the people who came before me,” Votto said on the phone the other day. “It […]

Kravitz on Tiger

Bob talks to Peyton Manning about the most boring story around. I agree with Bob, this is a stupid, boring story that could not be more irrelevant. I do not get the faux outrage. The Rick Reilly’s of the world should be utterly ashamed. We spoke briefly, off the record, and so the contents of […]

Are you Pondering what I’m Pondering? A MMTTB Report

Well that went well! Last week, the Colts managed to waltz into Lambeau Field and make the utterly average tandem of McCarthy and Thompson look smart again, and at exactly the same time Brett Favre’s Jets were falling in overtime to the Raiders, (though Favre did lead a game tying drive). So what to make […]

Do you believe in miracles?

Colts 31 – Texans 27Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief. Links: Don Banks says the Colts could be 0-4. Yeah, there‘s no question. They could also be 3-1. They didn‘t get a single break from the start of the Jacksonville game right up until Bracket scooped and ran like a roly poly bat out of […]

A Higher Plane: The MMTTB report

If science has taught us anything, it’s that the highest plane of human evolution will lead us to become beings of pure energy and light. It seems that such heady days are finally upon us. In Green Bay, reporters have been noting a bright sheen around the heads of Ted Thompson and Mike McCarthy for […]

Your Moment of Zen

Links: How did this team win 12 games? Greg Cote says Pennington did more with less.  I strongly disagree. USA Today names their NFL MVP. 

The Crazies Are Out in Force

Thanks to the largess of CHFF, I’ve spent most of the day dealing with comments from psychos who couldn’t be more ignorant (“Manning SUCKED against Pittsburgh”…Wow).  I appreciate it when they link to us, but could CHFF send us some of their literate readers for once?  Why all the mouth breathers?  (Insert own punchline here).  […]

The votes have been cast

This will have to serve as the final MVP Update.  The voting is finished as of yesterday.  We should know the results on Saturday.  Here is one voter’s reasoning for casting his vote for Peyton Manning.  Dave Goldberg an NFL writer for the AP voted for Pennington.  Notice how he refers to the Manning candidacy as ‘a […]

Cold Hard Football Facts Loses Their Collective Mind

The love-in is over.  Today Cold Hard Football Facts showed once again that it cares nothing for facts or context.  Their article entitled Meet Your 2008 MVP was one of the most ridiculous they’ve ever posted.  They claim Chad Pennington is the MVP.  Their reasoning is as follows: 1.  The Dolphins won 10 more games […]

My shot glass is half full

Whining about it won’t help.  Heavy drinking probably won’t either. The Colts are headed west to play San Diego.  Normally, Colts fans would be dancing a jig over playing an 8-8 team in good weather in the playoffs.  This year, most of us know better.  Still, keeping in mind that there is plenty of negative […]