Pacer Pride

With nothing real to talk about on the Colts front (what? you don’t want to hear more Brady/Manning stuff? Lord knows I don’t), let’s give a shout out to the Blue and Gold. I plan on taking in Saturday night’s game in person, and I’m excited about it. This team has become fun to watch […]

Cat Cries

The Jholes and their fans are hopping mad. They think that Fred Taylor was shafted. For some reason, the their ire has centered on Joe Addai instead of on Willie Parker, who despite leading the NFL in rushing (due in large part to his league high carry totals), has questionable value. I realize that Taylor […]


The NFL’s Pro Bowl rosters were announced today. Guess what? There are no Jaguars on it. The media just can’t imagine how no Jaguars made the team. They argue that the Jags had strong cases for both QB David Garrard and RB Fred Taylor. Both Peyton Manning and Joseph Addai of the Colts made the […]

Road to XLI

I’ve been watching the Road to XLI DVD set, and it’s sort of making me sad. Watching Freeney and McFarland play again is awesome. It’s a little hard to accept how amazing this team would have been if they hadn’t gotten hurt. I’ve also noticed how well Keiaho and others played. Seriously, how did anyone […]

Why not run?

Let’s take a look at the Colts run selection yesterday: Drive one: 3 runs (0 yards) all on 1st and 10, 6 passesDrive two: 1 run (1 yard) on 1st and 6, 10 passes (I’m counting Manning’s scramble as a pass)Drive three: 1 run (4 yards) on 2nd and 1, 4 passesDrive four: 1 run […]

Raiders Post-Game

Big come from behind win for the Colts today. The Colts have won the AFC South and clinched a first round bye in the playoffs. If ever there was a year when the Colts could use a break it is this year. Although some will argue that the Colts have quite a few offensive kinks […]

Buzzer Beater

Eyes in the Backfield is up! I’m a little surprised we got it done, as family obligations and computer problems for Demond kept us from having a ton of time to work on it, but it’s up. Here’s a preview for interested parties:The only thing I love more than blowouts its playing games that barely […]

Probowl running backs

It occurred to me that this might become a problem when I read Pete Prisco’s ‘real probowl‘ team. Pete did a questionable job (re: no Gary Brackett), but did recognize several Colts (Manning, Wayne, Sanders, Saturday, Hayden and praised Bethea as well). His real mistake was at the running back position where his gives the […]

Going blind

Eyes is some kind of intermediate state, and I have no idea if we’ll get it up or not (it’s been a long, full week). There is, however, some good, half written stuff that will make an appearance at some point or another. For now, satisfy yourself with this TREMENDOUS article from the footballoutsiders. I […]

YouTube rules You can find whatever you need.

MITCHELL! Wakama wakama…

Anyone ever see that episode of MST3K? No? Just me? Crap. Never mind then. I’ve been busy all day, but did manage to hear the press conference and I have some reactions: I’m furious. I am a real baseball fan. I traveled hours to watch McGwire and Bonds. I feel like they cheated me. I […]

Warm bodies

Sunday should be interesting. Phil B. lets us know that the Colts can barely field a defense this week. In fact, this Sunday only 5 of the original 11 projected preseason starters will play for the Colts on defense. Hayden, Jackson, Sanders, Keiaho, and Brackett will line up with the likes of Giordano, Thomas, and […]

Ravens recap-18 Plays

Thanks for all of your prayers and kind words. We are all sad today, but the joyful kind of sad that comes from the end of something special. Both the family and my grandfather were prepared for this day, though we still find ourselves wishing it hadn’t had to arrive. Demond and I hooked up […]

Much harder than it looks

ESPN is reporting that Bobby Petrino of the Atlanta Falcons is heading to Arkansas to become the next head coach. This is not a surprise given the unpromising situation he found himself in with the Falcons. Can’t say I blame him. Petrino is the latest in a long line of successful college coaches who failed […]

Today I lost my Grandfather

He was the greatest man I know. Standing on the shoulders of a giant is a cliche, I’m sure, but some phrases are evocative no matter how tritely they’ve been used. Like so many of my generation, I’ve been blessed in my life with a grandfather who loved me and helped to make me the […]


This post will serve as a clearing house for any links I find throughout the day, but I’m not expecting there to be many. Most of the coverage is of the Pats/Steelers game. I do think everyone should read Kravitz’s piece from yesterday’s Star. It’s probably his best work since he came to Indy. Demond […]

Live Game Blog – Ravens

1st Quarter 1.) Colts start with the ball at the 35. Ryan Diem is out as expected. Charlie Johnson is at Right Tackle. Addai is hammered for a short loss on the first play. Third down conversion by Gonzalez. Addai has no room to his right. Al Michaels implies that #29 has slowed down because […]

Baltimore Pregame

Injuries: The Colts will be without Marvin Harrison and Raheem Brock. No word yet on Gary Brackett or Ryan Diem. Baltimore has four defensive backs listed as questionable as well as TE Todd Heap. Weather: Forty degrees and a 50% chance of rain. Storylines: The Colts currently hold a game and a half lead over […]