Fantasy Pride

I want to offer a hearty congratulations to the winners of our Fantasy League this year. For those who didn’t know, we had a special rule (no Patriots and no Jaguars players allowed, and no one could start a player playing against Indy). The final results were: Champion: TNT Football managed by Eric F […]

Hit of the year The contest for biggest hit of the NFL season was decided in the final game of the season by one Darrell Reid of the Indianapolis Colts. Notice how much Dallas Clark is loving it? He’s just glad he’s not the one getting jacked up for once. Here’s the second place finisher:

Feeling Good

Despite the lousy finish last night, I think most of us feel extremely good about the state of this team right now. The offense looked sharp, despite a smart aversion to running the ball. There was no reason to get Addai beat up. Manning was clearly in rhythm, and would have put up 30 had […]

Titans Game Blog

Good evening. We are going to try to blog this puppy at least until it gets out of hand. Marvin is inactive tonight. He is joined by Anthony Gonzalez, Ryan Diem, Raheem Brock, and Robert Mathis. The Titans are favored by five points. Peyton Manning and Joseph Addai probably won’t play more than a series […]

Point/Counter Point

Announcer: Tonight on Point/Counter Point, we address the 2007 Patriots. Specifically, this topic: After they lose in the playoffs, should their season be considered a successful one? Our panelists this evening, Braynt Gumbel and Chris Collinsworth. Gentlemen, you have the floor. Gumbel: Thanks. I want to make it clear that I have no specific qualifications […]

Congrats on #50 Tom Brady!!!

And it only took you 76 more throws than Peyton Manning to throw that 50th touchdown. Not to mention an extra game. See you in three weeks. (Also, your Running Back is horrible.)

Graves buries SIU

The headline was so obvious that I can’t believe no one used it. Check out the video on this page. About halfway through, they finally show the amazing 35 footer AJ Graves nailed to beat the buzzer. That’s a serious big boy shot. Demond mocks my love for Butler, but we grew up 5 minutes […]

Bob Sanders signs 5 year deal

ESPN is reporting that Bob “The Zombie” Sanders has signed a five-year, 37.5 million dollar deal to stay with the Indianapolis Colts. Great news for just about everybody with the possible exception of Dallas Clark. This deal makes Sanders the highest paid safety in the NFL. The early word is Sanders plans on celebrating the […]

Well it’s not 18, but 4 is OK

That’s because we just post the Vince Young Files, Volume IV. Normally on Friday, or Saturday or whenever we get to it, we post our Eyes in the Backfield column, but honestly, it’s a ton a work to do for a game that doesn’t matter much. So in honor of Sunday night’s clash of the […]

I’m out of it for a few hours…

and Harrison practices, CHFF lauds a Colt, and the small market Colts win a competition to see who is the most watchable. Yikes. Also, check out this fascinating article from Footballoutsiders about injuries. Huh, so offensive injuries hurt a team worse than anything huh? O-line injuries are devastating? Hurt LBs kill a defense? Hmmm, I […]

Coach of the Year?

It seems to be a foregone conclusion that the Hooded One will win Coach of the Year this year. I suppose it’s debatable whether Spygate should affect the voting, but honestly, it’s not really a very interesting debate. Great coaches often get passed over for this award because it typically goes to some schmo whose […]


I feel like I’m running out of things to say, because I spend so much energy responding to our good friends with the weird accents in the comments section. As my confidence about this season grows each time I watch the Pats and Colts play, the hilarity of how this season will end rises. I’ve […]

Merry Christmas

to you all. Peace on earth. Even in New England John 1:1In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 2 He was with God in the beginning. 3 Through him all things were made; without him nothing was made that has been made. 4 In him […]

Christmas Eve Links

Check out this hilarious column from Sportsline’s Mike Freeman. This reeks of a journalist who flew to Foxborough to write a glowing piece about New England at all costs. It didn’t matter that the actual game was unimpressive and that the 22-point underdog Dolphins moved the ball on New England and probably should have had […]