We’re all looking offense but we should be thinking defense.

The tumultuous events of the last few days have raised more questions than we have answers to. Will Peyton Manning be healty enough to play next year? Or even at all? Will Jim Caldwell remain as the HC? Or will he take another position in the franchise? Or will he be let go completely? Will we take Luck? Will we trade?

Unfortunately we have no clue to the answers of those questions. Fortunately though, we have all the options in the world. At the end of the season that’s what you want. You want options. You don’t want to be stuck between a rock and a hard place while you’re trying to rebuild your franchise. You want the options to do whatever is feasibly possible. And for that Colts fans should breathe and relax knowing that whatever the future may indeed bring, we’ll have the luxury of picking our own destiny.

The offense has been the main concern recently since there’s so much uncertainity at several positions. But I would like to take a moment and focus on our defense. Larry Coyer was uncerimoniously ousted as the DC the week before we met with Tom Brady and friends. Mike Murphy, being the linebackers coach for the last 14 years, stepped up and for the most part has the Colts back to playing our traditional Cover-2. And surprisingly it’s been effective. Not top ten defense effective, but still what we’re used to. Keeping the ball in front of you, flying to the ball carrier, finally understanding your zone assignments (Here’s looking at you Lacey) and above all else getting to the QB. Teams still might sustain long drives against the Colts but our redzone efficiency is on the upside again, making teams work for everything they get and holding them to field goals inside the 20. Nothing speaks bigger to me in that regard then Bethea stonewalling MJD on fourth and one.

But now, with no GM, confusion at HC.. What will the state of our defense be in? Will we keep Murphy at DC? Resign Mathis? What if the new GM wants to revamp the defense into an entirely new scheme? Do we see Freeney exit because we want to switch to a 3-4? Do we start drafting corners who can play more man? Do we keep running with the Cover-2 scheme?

It’s no secret that we’ve stuck with the Cover-2 because Bill Polian was a huge advocator for anything Tony Dungy. Even said recently that he thinks that Dungy was in the top 3 for the best defensive minds to ever have been in the NFL. In my personal opinion, I believe in the Cover-2.. when it’s working. But I also believe in adjustments, small.. But adjustments nonetheless.

At the end of writing this article, I really wish I had the answers to give to you all about what we’re doing and where we’re going. But I don’t, and sadly I don’t even think Irsay knows right now. But like I said in the beginning of this piece.. Just be thankful that you have all the options in the world when it comes to the problems that are going to need to be addressed. And until then.. I just hope it’s as fun to speculate as it is to watch Peyton Manning throw touchdown passes.


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Derek Hanson

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