The unstoppable force meets the immovable object

Peyton Manning as a 49’er?


I was chatting in another post that I would gladly buy a new PM jersey once he decided on a team.  Hey, I’m from Tennessee originally, so I could wear a Titans jersey.  Arizona and Denver – they’re non-offensive.  I could do that.  Miami?   Who’s bothered by Miami?  I could do that, too. Even though they are that funky blue and orange.

But San Francisco?  The 49’ers?   Man, that would be tough.  I’ve hated the 49’ers ever since Joe Montana completed “The Catch” to Dwight Clark.  I grew up as a Cowboys fan, and I’ve hated the 49’ers for years because of The Catch.  It didn’t help that they had T.O. play there, so my feelings for them have never really faded, like they did for the Steelers and Redskins – other teams I hated as a youngster.

If Manning was with the 49’ers and played Brady and the Patriots in the Super Bowl – I might have to abstain and watch “The Sound of Music” or something.  It’s that bad for me.  So, yesterday, seeing that PM had a somewhat clandestine tryout with the Niners – ugghhh..   Thought I would puke.

How about you?  Are there teams out there, whether or not they are in the chase for Peyton’s services, that if he played for them, you simply could not root for Peyton any longer?

Peyton as a 49’er?  The unstoppable force might just have met the immovable object for me.


Paul / Econolinevan