The Most Confusing Colts Game

The most confusing Colt’s game.

From a fans point of view, this was the most confusing game to watch. Going into the game I knew I wanted to see my boys in blue (or white today) come out of the season on a 3 game win streak. Heads held high, sucking for no one, playing till the whistle. I also knew that they needed to lose in order to secure the number 1 draft pick. I know Andrew Luck is an exceptional college quarterback. But I also know that Peyton Manning is one of the greatest to ever command the gridiron.

Trying to separate facts from emotion is hard enough. The task becomes impossible when no matter how hard you try to get off the fence you cannot see which side is home! Securing a win would surely lead to the peaceful conclusion of Peyton Manning playing out his career for Indianapolis, winning 2 more super bowls, and saving America’s economy while he is at it! However, a loss ensured that we have the rights to a QB that has undeniable talent and is rarely available. Andrew Luck could become the face of the organization for 15 years.

The sensible idea is to draft one of the highest rated number 1 picks, for the most important position on a team.

*Touchdown pass to Collie*

Never mind, if we can come back now Peyton Manning will magically be ready for the start of next season. This team needs to play to win to keep Manning around without any doubts. A win today must lead to the fact that the whole team is ready for their master and commander to be back; and be back till retirement!

As the colts helplessly lost to a series of QB kneel-downs, I could not help but be disappointed. For the next four months we would have to debate over and over again what should or should not happen. The turmoil that I went through today would only be dragged out over the off season. The future of the Colts franchise hangs in the balance this off-season.

We will beat this dead horse over and over and over and over again trying to argue why or why not Luck or Manning is the better option. Why or why not they cannot coexist on the same team. Why or why not we should build around Manning. Why Caldwell should be fired. The list is endless.

Of all the uncertainties that linger and loom this offseason, one thing is for certain: I will bleed blue till I bleed out!