Stuff taken away from minicamp practice at LOS

There was a great atmosphere today at LOS, and I am glad to have the oppurtunity to participate. 

Just a couple of things to take away from the practice:


Luck is good and once he becomes more comfortable with the speed of the NFL game, and the weapons around him he will really be a special NFL QB.  The deep ball will be something that he will be working on, he has the arm but placing the ball in a place that only his receiver can get it on deep routes will be key, if not I could see a lot of interceptions on deep plays this season.

Either Luck’s play actions are ridiculously good or the OLB’s are going to really have to work on outside contain, it seemed like they were able to get sucked into the fake time after time.

It will be interesting to see how special teams turns out, we have a lot of guys taking return snaps and all have a lot of potential, it might come down to whoever out of the group makes the team will be back there.

Ross really impressed me, if it was his physical nature going after passes or his pure speed, I think he will be able to grab a roster spot with no problems.

Donny Avery also did a pretty decent job, nothing extremely special but very solid.

Griff looked like it was his 2nd day of being with the team, whether it was running into the back of someone when trying to catch a pass or sloppy routes, or dropping balls he was definitely not on his game early on, he did start to look better as the day went on.

As far as the secondary The only guy who really stood out was Powers, he made plays the whole time, Kevin Thomas seemed to play solid in the #2 role as well.

Donald Brown looked like a veteran RB out there today which I was happy to see, Ballard also showed his knack for breaking runs to the outside, he seems like a good addition to our RB group.  Right how we have 5 RBs in camp, and if I had to bet on which would be gone it would be Karim, he did not really seem to offer anything special.

Finally the TE’s, it was interesting to see how the Colts would use these guys, there were a lot of motions and a lot of out routes, also one of the interesting surprises was the Colts use of Domonique Jones in the FB role on several occasions.  I think this should bold well for him and his chances to make the team, and although it is still earlly he looked comfortable in the role, from today I believe the Colts will keep atleast 3 TE’s possibly 4 for the final roster.

Overall it was a good practice and the fans really enjoyed it, I did not really get as good of a chance to check out the defensive guys since most of the focus was on Andrew Luck and the offense, but I am hoping on attending the Anderson open practice where I expect the team to have grown by leaps and bounds.