“Who To Root For”: Colts Mock Board

I just posted this Mock Draft Board on Stampede Blue; thought I’d pass it along here, too Laughing

If the rest of you readers are as draft-crazy as I am (and I know you are), your eyes will be peeled to the TV this weekend. But presumably, Colts fans’ Round 1 excitement will end at about 7:01pm. We’ll just have to sit back and watch other teams make exciting choices for their future.

With that in mind, I put together this handy guide so that we Colts fans will have something to “root” for during each round.


Basically, the board is designed to show a list of players that could or should go in the previous round. Some players will fall for a variety of reasons (teams will reach, teams will draft for need, trades will occur, the Browns will make mistakes, etc), and the Colts will have a chance to draft the BPA– Best Player Available, per the Grade** on the right.

So, how to “root” for the Colts:

Let’s take the first round for example. Near pick 25, a few of the names on the board will be gone. But let’s say the Patriots, at pick 27, pick Jonathon Martin, OT from Stanford. Stand up and cheer! That’s a name we don’t care about. Then a few more names fall from the list, but at 32, the Giants pick Mike Adams, OT from OSU. Yes!!

The more ideal players available near a Colts pick, the better situated they will be to grab BPA, or even move back and get additional picks.

I hope this makes sense, and I hope a few of you get some use from it. Enjoy the draft. Go Colts!


Mock Board

*To look at the spreadsheet I used to compile this list, head to http://goo.gl/2siZJ

**Grades were compiled using ESPN Scout’s Grade(0-100), National Football Post’s grades(0.0-10.0), Shutdown Corner’s Top 50 List, and Mike Mayock’s Top 100 List.