Post Draft Thoughts

For some reason, I keep comming on here to relieve some of my Colts thoughts even though I am not sure that anyone wants to hear them. Anyway, I had a few thoughts about this draft this weekend as I sat infront of the TV working on end of the year papers and whatnot. 

1) Anyone else think that this draft shows what this regime thinks about the last one? I half wonder if the brain trust wants to give the defense a real look after playing a full season with something resembling a game plan, much like we saw at the end of last year. The starting line up: Redding-Chapman-Moala up front (with Nevis-Johnson-McKinney for depth), Freeney-Angerer-Connor-Mathis as LB’s (With Fugger-Hughes-Hickman and Addison as backups), and Powers-Thomas-Bethea-Zibikowski on the back end (with Rucker and Lefedge as back ups) isn’t that that bad in that there is a bit of potential in the group and, much like Dunleavy said, is kinda-sorta workable-ish with reservations. If Moala, Nevis, Hughes, and/or Thomas live up ot their potential, this defense could go from “hold on tight” to “hey– it could be worse” or even “Work in progress” fairly quickly. 

2) Anyone esle see a little of Teddy Bruschi in Fugger? After watching the limited tape out there and talking to the only die-hard Vandy fan I know, we agreed that Fugger is good comming off the edge but could make an interesting ILB… apparently, he can sort through traffic pretty well, even against SEC sized offenses. 

3) Vick Ballard: not as bad as I thought when they drafted him. Apparently OK in pass pro and has ok hands…. just seems to lumber despite only being a little bit bigger than Donald Brown.

4) Some good undrafteds could make the roster: I like Chris Gallipo (and wonder if he wouldn’t be a bit better if he dropped about ten lbs), Michah Pellerin (Not super speedy, but a bit faster than he was timed and, well, couldn’t be much worse than we have for depth) and Matt Merletti (kinda like Caldwell but with more upside on special teams).