Peyton’s First Scrimmage in Denver Brings Out 40,000 fans

(Peyton: ” ‘at’s a-spicy meatball!”

Article in Sports Illustrated of Peyton’s first scrimmage in Denver.  This brought out over 40,000 fans, which more than doubled the previous number of fans they’ve had for a camp workout.  Some folks wore Colts #18 jerseys, it said, with signs telling Peyton we miss him in Indy. (we do!)

To me the report is an interesting one when you compare it to reports on Luck’s playing in camp.  And I do understand why it is this way.

The article reports that Manning overthrew a receiver on a deep pass.   And while it uses this throw as an example that he still has arm strength, it comes across as more of a negative than a positive.  We all know that a healthy Manning hits those passes in his sleep.  Especially during a camp scrimmage with the second tier D playing.  I know he needs to shake off the “rust”, though the article says he doesn’t have any rust. The report generally wasn’t exciting.  Mind you, if I were a Broncos fan, I would be most excited about this upcoming season.

On the other hand, reports of Luck in camp are described in a very positive way.  He’s apparently doing better than expected, which, given the high level of expectation, I didn’t think was possible.

Here’s the link:

Both Luck and Peyton are on opposites sides of an expectation curve.  My prediction is that Manning is going to start off slower than he ever did lately in Indy.  I think while he says he can’t wait to be hit, it does worry him.  Now, I do think his team will make the playoffs, given the division he plays in.  But each time he misses a throw that he otherwise would have made, there will be tons of analysis.

On the other hand, I think Luck will have it easier since if he comes out and plays a reliable game, but not exciting, the media will generally give him a pass this year.  And if he comes out and starts winning, people will go nuts.  I will go nuts.   

Manning is expected to be up to his full strength faster than Luck is expected to be a super QB, in my opinion.  And that’s not fair to Manning.  But it does represent that Manning has only so many years he can play NFL, regardless of strength (maybe 4 more) while Luck has 13 or more years if he plays as long as Manning did in Indy.

Finally, even if Luck plays very well and we have an 8 and 8 season (which would be amazing), if Peyton plays nearly back to his old self, I will still be unhappy at Irsay.  I know that Nate described how we couldn’t keep both, but he also said that we can’t let a healthy Manning go.  And Irsay said he would not release a healthy Manning.  And maybe Manning isn’t healthy.  And maybe I should take my meds and let it go.  But I still can help imagining what a Peyton offense with Luck as an understudy would have become.  Especially since Luck shows a lot of the traits of Peyton.  Yes yes, I will let it go.  Maybe.

And I’ve gotta say: thank goodness football is almost upon us again.

– BuyMyMonkey (eep!)