Peyton as a Child – and the Meaning of Life

Pretty funny video of Peyton as a kid – ends with shots of him crying.

“You can’t gwab by the neck!”  Too bad Greg Williams didn’t play with Peyton as a kid; he would have learned some good lessons about playing a clean game!

For you tough guys so say it’s just a business, who cares, move on (i’m looking at you omahacolt! :-) ), thanks for the great attitude.  We WILL move on, I’m sure, but you can’t turn away from life’s moments that become just chapters you’ll remember sadly or fondly.  Anyone with kids knows that you remember the life-changers, and are sad not because you didn’t want them to happen, or because you thought they would not happen – just that they are reminders that life is moving along, things change, we grow older…  And usually we’re not aware that a life changing moment is coming or has happened until it’s too late.  It sit at my desk at work (yes, I’ll get in trouble for posting during work) and on it is a little note from my 3 year old (at the time) who wrote “Dere Dad, I love you” and stuck the note to my briefcase. She’s 13 now, and I don’t hear that as often, but I remember crying when I saw the note.  Heck I’m tearing up now!  CRAP!!  Must not allow co-workers to see me. Ugh…. Hang on..

Geez, I’m back. Anyway -

I’m sure (I hope) we’ll have fond Andrew Luck memories - 

Now, I’m not likening Peyton leaving to having one kids.  As I told my daughter, who started watching Colts games with me starting at age 8, has been to a game at the Luke, and love Peyton (and Eli; wife is a Giants fan), that some day Peyton will be gone.  So watch every game possible.  And she has. 

And when she heard Peyton was leaving she texted me “OMG!!! PEYTON IS LEAVING??? HOW CAN THIS BE?? IS THE WORLD ENDING???”.  Ah, I’ve successfully brainwashed another.  But we both have #18 Jerseys, and she throws a mean spiral, and can lead the receiver, and outplays her guy friends.  So Peyton is just another bond we shared. And it will continue with the next QB.

On the bright side, when I told her that Peyton may go to the Dolphin’s she said “that’s not so bad. Hey maybe we can go see him down in Miami”.  If he goes there, I’m sure that we will.

Go Colts !  Go Peyton!

- BuyMyMonkey