nuttin’ but questions

The recently leaked video offers nothing but questions. The tag on the video shows a date of March 2. On that same day Kravitz tweeted that Peyton was looking good in Florida. Is Kravitz’ source geographically challenged and thinks that Durham is in Florida? Was the video actually from last week when reports of Manning being at Duke surfaced? College link notwithstanding, I dont understand why Manning is in Durham OR Florida. After his well publicized separation anxiety over being away from his familiar trainer, why is he not in Indy working out with his familiar staff? Oh yeah, the atmosphere in Indy is depressing and not conducive to his rehab. I forgot.  None of this makes sense to me but I think it is clear that Peyton has divorced himself from the Colts and I dont think Irsay is unhappy about it. It is a chicken and egg situation IMO with circular logic making it a fools errand to try to determine “original sin” (not that being a fool’s errand will stop anyone here from trying).