My Tweets to Irsay – #KeepManningInIndy

My thanks to all who contributed.  Here are the tweets so far I sent to Irsay.  We’ll see if I even get a response.  I’m sure he gets tons of responses.  I’ll close it with a final tweet to him saying these are all courtesy of –



You keep one Pey-ton and whaddya get, another SuperBowl and deeper in debt.

Don’t know what you got ’til it’s gone.” – Cinderella

We built this city on Rock-et Arm!” – Starship

Where blue and white are the colors, and eighteen is the number.” – Bob Dylan (aka Robert Zombie)

Said Jimmy, take it slow, all we need is just a little Peyton – GunsNRoses –

She whispred in my ear, she said, ‘U wanna get lucky little boy?’ I smiled n I said, ‘Is it Luck? IS IT LUCK?!

Irsay, Irsay, I’m begging of you please don’t cut our man. Irsay, Irsay, please don’t cut him just cause u can

Here’s one where I forgot to put the HashTag:

Van Halen: You can have the best..of..both..worlds and honey I know what it takes… (Peyton + Luck) = SB.