My new Peyton Manning jersey

I’ve been pretty analytical about the whole Peyton Manning thing.  I mean, there was the salary cap issue, the Andrew Luck thing, the medical uncertainty, the relatively short amount of career left even if he could come back.  I didn’t like it, but I understood the fact that he would probably be released.  And I tried to think about how good Luck would become.

Last Monday, when I heard on the radio that PM would be released the next day, one of the sports talk guys said “you know this means you won’t be able to buy a PM Colts jersey any longer.”  A feeling approaching panic set in as I realized that my current PM jersey was one of those cheap ones with the silkscreened letters – I just couldn’t see paying for one of the official ones when I had bought it.    And now, for the rest of eternity, I’d be stuck with that crappy jersey!

I got out of my car and went into Dick’s.  Nothing there (except Addai jerseys for $29).  I went onto and they were sold out except for a white jersey in 6XL size.  I didn’t want a PM tent to wear, so I passed on that one. I quickly went to the NFL shop online and saw that they still had some blue PM jerseys – the premium ones with stitched letters and everything.  I gladly whipped out my credit card and bought it.  I considered buying two for a moment and framing one for my basement, but figured my wife might not like that move.    

My wife texted me today to tell me that my jersey had arrived in the mail.  I was pretty excited. It looked great.  I carefully cut off some loose threads and stuff, put it on and looked at myself in the mirror.  I took it off and looked at the MANNING letters on the back.  Suddenly, I was no longer analytical about the whole release thing.  I felt really sad for the first time looking at that jersey and realizing that they would no longer be made again and would become items on Ebay one day.  Collector items.  It really bummed me out.  I don’t think I can adequately explain why it makes me feel this way.

I love my new jersey.  But it also makes me sad.  Maybe I’ll wear it during games next year and pretend he is still there….


–  Paul