My Fearless Colt’s Mock W/ Commentary.

I am going to try my hand at a mock draft… well, just cause. I am going to make my picks and explain a few other options at the spot and who I think will be availible.


1st.   Andrew Luck, QB (RS Jr., Stanford)

This is a no-brainer to me. I love me some Luck. Arm is elite, and many think its the worst part of his game. Good-gawd-a-mighty, he’ll be good. 

2nd.  Cordy Glenn, OG/OT (Sr., Georgia)

This could easily be another O-lineman who falls, which feels like Glenn or Jonathan Martin at   this point. My reasoning is this: I think that Glenn is too big of a value here, and that the three big WR’s (Blackmon, Floyd, and Wright) are gone. If these two are gone, they go with the best of Randle, Fleener, and Allen, though I think that TE and WR are worth waiting for. Not to over qualify this pick, but I think CB could be the pick here if there is a run o-lineman and WR’s.

3rd.  Josh Chapman, NT (Sr., Alabama)

The Colts are hoping and praying that Ta’amu or Thompson fall here. I don’t think they quite make it  with the Steelers, Chargers, and a few other teams who need to fill a major need, or who are planing for a recent future without a stalwart NT. This is a little high for Chapman, but the Colts NEED NT depth more than any other position– so much they might reach for one in the 2nd. The CB’s can suck all they want, but with out a NT this defense won’t work. Other options here include any WR/TE/O-Lineman who falls. Watch out for Derek Wolfe here too. 

4th.  Michael Egnew, TE (Sr., Missouri) 

This will kill Colts fans everywhere, but this is where the team begins it’s attempts to give weapons to Luck. Adrien Robinson could be the pick too. Other options @ skill positions include AJ Jenkins, Broyles, or Quick. There are actually a lot of Defensive players I like here, too: Jayron Horsley, Minnefield, Boykin, Norman, Cam Johnson, Wolf, or one of the Five-techs (like Crick) could be here.

5th.  Tommy Streeter, WR (RS. Jr., Miami)

Streeter has some skills but also needs to develop. If the Colts really wait this long for a WR, then their talk about trusting in Donnie Avery is more than just talk. CB, OG, and a decent 5- tech could be the pick here.

5th.  Chas Alexih, DE (RS. Sr., Pittsburgh)

This would be a great pick. He is just the kind of smart, tough, suprisingly skilled, and high motor guys that good defenses have behind their stars. He’s the kind that could average 40 tackles and a couple sacks and still be incredibly valuable. TE, ILB, OG, WR all possible.

6th.  Emmanuel Acho, ILB (Sr., Texas)

7th.  Kevin Koger, TE (Sr., Michigan)

7th.  Brandon Washington, OG (Jr., Miami)

7th.  Micah Pellerin, CB (RS. Sr., Hampton)

I summarized this because, well, there are too many variable to predict 3rd round picks reliably, let alone 7th rounders. But here is how I see the draft playing out: the Colt’s aren’t going to improve everything overnight. I think they know this. I think that while we are far worse on the edges (CB/WR) than in the middle, it’s not like we have a ton of excellent depth on either line. I think that the Colts recognize that figuring out the protection for Luck is prioity Number 1, and I think the draft board plays perfectly into this. Priority #2 is getting the defensive front seven figured out. TE is the other major position of need, as they litterally don’t have enough guys there. If this draft is all about developing for the future, as this team will have a GREAT season if they hit six wins. Give luck protection and allow him to develop, and start installing a defense which will probably take at least one more off-season to become average.