Maurice Jones-Drew Coming to the Colts??

No, not really.  But it’s amazing what two question marks can do.

Ahem, living here in Florida, there really isn’t much to cheer for.  Hot, humid state that tourists come in and “use” and leave.  Poor education funding.  Mosquitos.   Voter lockouts.  Sharks.  Hurricanes.  Now I’m depressed.  But I digress –

There’s also Pirates, Water Mammals and African Wildcats.  By that I mean the Bucs, the Dolphins, and the Lions over at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Because no one wants to talk about the Jaguars.  Not only because they perenially play poorly (note the clever use of alliteration!), but there’s a black- out concern pretty much every game.  And for me, them being in the same division as the Colts has made me an arch enemy of the “Glitter Cats”.

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If you’ve been keeping up with Jaguars news, and I haven’t, there’s lots of talk of Blaine Gabbert as the new QB.  And the new offense that Mike Mularkey is installing.  The vaunted “Mularky BS Offense”.  Blaine Gabbert is being hailed as the second coming of Curtis Painter, when even Curtis Painter isn’t the first coming of Curtis Painter.

And then there’s Maurice Jones Drew (nee’ MJD) holding out on the remaining two years of his $31 million contract he signed in 2009.  MJD wants a longer contract so that he can play out his career in Jax. His running back friends Chris Johnson, Ray Rice and Arian Foster each received new contracts, and darn it, it’s just not fair that MJD can’t get the same.

Most of you know that MJD hates the Colts because we passed over him in the 2006 draft and opted for Joseph Addai and Bethea and a years supply of Zagnut bars.  Since then he has been outspoken about his hatred for the Colts, and his plan to run willy-nilly thru the Colts defense each and every game.  And he’s made good on that threat, running willy, nilly and willy again over the defense.

But, with a new GM in place, a new coach who wants to run the ball, and the Jags basically not negotatiating with MJD, is it time for the Colts to bring him in for a couple of years?  The new owner of the Jags has threatened to have Rashad Jennings take over as lead RB.  Jennings was on IR all last year. 

As noted, MJD has two years left on his front-loaded contract and is schedule to make $9.4 million over those last two years.   Now, I’m not sure how these contracts work, and maybe someone here can clue me in.  If we did pursue MJD, would we just trade for the remaining contract and give back a draft pick?  Or is it pretty much wide open in terms of deal points?  From what I researched, MJD wants a $8 million/year deal much like Chris Johnson received recently.   I would think we’d also have to throw in a first round draft pick.  But again, he’s 27 years old now, which is not that old for a RB, but could take a few steps off his pace.

Interesting side note, the Jags picked up a guy named Anger as a kicker this last draft.  He’s going to be a holder for Scobee.  Can you imagine if Pat Angerer took punt returns (he doesn’t) from some kicker named Anger?  And what if Pat Angerer broke lose and it was up to Anger to tackle him?

Imagine life as you know it stopping instantaneously and all the 
molecules in your body exploding at the speed of light.
That would be bad.

Anyway – what do you guys think about going after MJD?  He could backup Downtown Donald Brown and immediately improve our running game.

Some stats on MJD below.  He seems to be getting better each year.

Year Carries Yards TD’s YPC # Recep Yards Recv TD Ret Yrds Ret TDs Fumbles
2008 197 824 12 4.2 62 565 2 350 0 6
2009 312 1,391 15 4.5 52 374 1 121 0 2
2010 299 1,324 5 4.4 34 317 2 0 0 2
2011 343 1,606 8 4.7 43 374 3 0 0 6
Career 1,484 6,854 62 4.6 278 2,473 10 2183 2 19