Manning Reportedly Signs with Broncos

The King and Queen


It’s being tweeted by Chris Mortenson and Adam Schefter, and Bleacher is also reporting that Peyton is all but signed up to continue his career with the Broncos.  Certainly John Elway and Peyton have a lot in common, and playing for a team with a superstar HOF quarterback is good karma.  And Elway is not bad either.  See what I did there?

Ironically he’s going to play for another team with a horse for a mascot.  The AFC West is pretty weak, so we should see him in the playoffs repeatedly.  Will be nice to see him stomp the Chargers year after year. 

Depending on what other articles appear on here, I hope to break down which receivers they have and should have for Peyton.

Jeff Saturday is also rumored in talks with the Broncos, and there are some that think Dallas Clark will head that way.  It could be the Colts reunion over there, except for Peter the Waiter.

All in all, not a bad place for him to land.  I wish him luck!  And I wish us Luck!

- The Monkey