Last Mock Draft: Potential Colts Picks vs. My Picks

I have constructed this mock draft in a way to show who I would want to take and who I believe the team will take based on Grigson’s past draft experience and pre-draft press conference, Andrew Luck’s and Arians’ past offenses, Pagano’s and Manusky’s past defenses. Let me know what you think of both strategies (I would be AMPED if my choices were picked!!!).

Round One, No. 1 overall

Team Pick and My Pick: Andrew Luck, QB-Stanford

Round Two, No. 34 overall

Team Pick: Basically BPA-This may be Fleener but they will likely take an offensive talent that has fallen out of the first round (K.Wright, Fleener, Zietler, or Konz)

My Pick:  Coby Fleener, TE-Stanford


Round Three, No. 64 overall

Team Pick: Janoris Jenkins, CB-North Alabama (best cover corner in the draft with a lot of room to grow but personal issues making him slide)

My Pick:  Mychal Kendricks, ILB-Cal (I know this may be tough but this guy can be a perennial Pro-Bowler, but would worry about 2 small MLBs with no legit NT for a year)


Round Four, No. 97 overall

Team Pick: Kyle Wilber, OLB-Wake or Tyrone Crawford, OLB/DE-Boise State (defensive BPA really)

My Pick: Ryan Broyles, WR-Oklahoma or Marv Jones, WR-Cal


Round Five, No. 136 & No. 170 overall (comp pick)

Team Pick: Lucas Nix, G-Pitt (Kind of sloppy but has a mean streak and can be a solid pro with coaching) AND
T.Y. Hilton-WR/KR, FIU

My Pick: Josh Norman, CB-Coastal Carolina (ball-hawking corner with the swagger to start next year)
Hebron Fangupo, NT/DE-BYU (Solid NT who can be in the rotation until next year then move to DE when we get our 1st round NT; 3 NTs potentially in 1st round next year)


Round Six, No. 206 overall (comp pick)

Team Pick: Akiem Hicks-NT, University of Regina (Seems like type of high upside late pick that the new regime would like)

My Pick: Tauren Poole-RB, Tennessee (He is an upside pick with potential to be in our long term rotation with his running style)


Round Seven, No. 208 overall
Round Seven, No. 214 overall (via trade with Jets)
Round Seven, No. 253 overall (comp pick, a.k.a. Mr. Irrelevant)

Team Pick: Gino Gradkowski (not a fan of his tape; doesn’t even seem to be the best O-lineman on his team) AND
Matt Conrath-DE, UVA (I saw him first hand and he can definitely be a solid piece to our defense; #s have gone down from UVa’s recent switch from a 3-4 to 4-3 but was a stud in the 3-4) AND
Brian Stahovich-P, San Diego State

My Pick: Coty Sensabaugh,CB-Clemson (solid special teamer with potential to fill in our rotation) AND
B.J. Cunningham, WR-Mich St. or Jermaine Kearse, WR-Washington (these guys are ges late) AND
William Vlachos, C-Alabama (high blocker ratings and may go undrafted based on measurables and can only be a center)
***Shawn Loiseau, ILB-Merrimack if we didn’t take Kendricks earlier***

Priority Undrafted Free Agents


Shawn Loiseau, ILB-Merrimack
Tramain Thomas, FS-Arkansas
Jordan White, WR-Western Mich.
Sammy Brown, OLB-Houston
Gerrell Robinson, WR-Arizona St
Drake Dunsmore, TE/FB-Northwestern
Frank Alexander, DE/OLB-Oklahoma
Scott Wedige, C-Northern Illinois
Blake Gideon, FS-Texas
Chris Owusu, WR-Stanford
Travian Robertson, NT/DE-S.Carolina
Chad Diehl, FB-Clemson
Jermaine Kearse, WR-Washington
Derek Moye, WR-Penn State
Jarrett Boykin, WR-Virginia Tech
Blair Walsh, K-Georgia
Lennon Creer, RB-LTech
Bradie Ewing, FB-Wisconsin
Jaymes Brooks, OG-Virginia Tech
Charles Brown, CB-UNC
Austin Pasztor, G-UVA
Keshawn Martin, WR-Mich. St
Jerrell Harris, LB-Alabama
Josh Chichester, TE-Louisville
Brad Smelley, TE/HB-Alabama
Tydreke Powell, DT-UNC
Matt Daniels, SS-Duke
Johnnie Troutman, OG-Penn State
Brandon Joiner, OLB-Ark State