#KeepManningInIndy – Competition for Funny Tweets to Irsay

Here’s what I tweet to Irsay this morning.  And yes, I saw the typo (your->you’re), doh! Anyway, I figured I’d keep a musical theme going. 

If you can’t be with the QB you love, buddy, love the one your with.

How about this for a challenge to ColtsAuthority readers?:  Whether you think he should play or not, I think most would agree he should retire here.  So use this hashtag to tweet Irsay, but include some line of a song that you bastardize to refer to Manning staying.  Would be good advertising for this site, I think Irsay would laugh (hopefully), and it might get the point across.

Silly? Yes.  Fun?  Debatable.  Poor grammar?  Definitely!

Use the hashtag and maybe CA (ColtsAuthority, use the abbreviation folks!) can compile some of the most clever lyrics?