Intriguing hiring at OC with Bruce Arians

Watching ESPN today and I see that the new OC is going to be Bruce Arians, this is kind of intriguing to me for various reasons.

First there was some contreversy in Pittsburg when they let this guy go, he seemed to be doing a decent job and was a favorite of Big Ben.  Another intriguing thing is that from the comments I heard from Pagano about the run offense, this seems to be in a different direction, he really seems to be more of a pass offense type guy.  Lastly I think this is the most interesting part of the whole signing, in 1998-2000 he was Peytons QB coach, I wonder how much his help in molding a young Peyton played a role in him getting this position.

Overall I do not think this is a bad signing, and hopefully it works out best for the team.