In an otherwise dismal Colts season, here’s something to be proud about

I know this doesn’t absolve Coach Caldwell for the mistakes he’s made with the Colts this season, but I thought I’d share this little tidbit from Peter King’s Monday Morning Quarterback article that was published today.

King talks about referee Tony Corrente’s story this season and his new struggle with cancer. Throughout the season, he’s been going through chemotherapy and continues to referee. He was at the Panters vs. Colts game and here’s what happened:

At first, the chemo did little to him physically. But he began to lose his hair and look pale; at one point he had a bad skin rash. The Colts found out what ailed Corrente, and Peyton Manning, before the Nov. 27 Colts game against Carolina, gave Corrente a hug. “We heard,” Manning said. During a TV timeout, Corrente was told Colts coach Jim Caldwell wanted to see him.

“He took both my hands, right there on the field,” Corrente said. “And he said, ‘I just wish you all the best. Our whole organization is praying for you.’ ”

Not gonna lie, I don’t know how many other players and coaches would’ve done that kind of thing, but I found it to be pretty remarkable the care they show towards others. We might’ve been the worst team in football this season, but I love the fact that we can stay classy and care about others on and off the field.


Derek Hanson

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