If Not Indy, Mannings First Choice is Miami

File this under, “hmmmm” –

According to a South Florida Sun-Sentinel article, the Miami Dolphins is on Manning’s short list as a preferred place if he isn’t in Indy.  According to the article, Manning and his wife own a condo there.

They are also a rebuilding team, with a star receiver in Brandon Marshall.  For me, living in Lake Mary, FL, it would mean seeing him on TV more often and maybe being able to travel down to see a game or two.  For the Division, they would haunt the Patriots, hopefully knocking them out of 1st place each year.  For the Colts, it means playing them perenially and, ugh, getting beat the first few years maybe (or more).

In another article, it reports that Marshall was hanging out with Peyton at certain Super Bowl events.  Clearly, if I were Marshall I’d be suggesting to Manning to give it up and come down to sunny (hot and humid) Florida.

Here’s the article on them hanging out:


Here’s the article on Manning wanting to go to Miami:


Again, could all this just be politicking?  You bet.  It scares me, of course, but there are worse teams than the Dolphins (read “Jets”).