Good Bye, Bye Week: Preparing to Attack the Pack in Week 5.

Bye weeks. Is it just me or do they leave you with a slightly empty feeling come Monday night? Sitting through the Thursday night game, all three rounds of games on Sunday, and then Monday night without seeing my beloved Colts play, makes for quite an incomplete weekend in my opinion. Alas, all teams need a week off to recuperate and regroup in order to finish the season on a good note. Unfortunately for the Colts the bye week came in Week 4 this year, the first bye week of the season. Though there are arguments both for and against the early break, we cannot dwell on what we cannot change. However what we can focus on is the Week 5 matchup against the Packers.

Coming off of a highly offensive driven win against a winless New Orleans team, Aaron Rodgers and his team look to be back to business. Following the controversial loss to the Seahawks as well as a Week 1 loss to San Francisco, it seems as if the Packers might have a bad taste in their mouth. Obviously putting a stop to the Aaron Rodgers passing game has to be a top priority for the Colts come next Sunday, but let’s not forget that the Packers seem to actually have a running game this year. After a slow start to his first season in Green Bay it now seems as if Cedric Benson could pose quite a threat if left unattended. Our defense knows what they need to do, and hopefully we can execute effectively and keep Rodgers on the sideline.

On the bright side, Drew Brees and the Saints proved this week that the Green Bay pass defense can definitely be broken down. In fact, ESPN ranks the Indianapolis defense higher than that of the Packers. In any case, based on the performance from our run game in the first three weeks, it seems as if Andrew Luck is going to have his work cut out for him. That work will include avoiding sacks from Clay Matthews, who currently leads the NFL in the category. With the absence of Austin Collie, Luck will need to rely heavily on veteran Reggie Wayne as well as Donnie Avery in order to get the ball down the field.

All in all our Colts will be back next Sunday ready to take on one of their biggest challenges of the season. Can our young team take down the Green Bay powerhouse that didn’t lose a game in the first 14 games of 2011? Only time will tell, but if our offense does what they are capable of we are definitely in for an exciting game come next Sunday afternoon.