Golden Hot Tub vs. Helicopter Taxi

Okay, longtime lurker because I was scarred by my experiences with the hyenas on another Colts-related blog that shall not be named.  But I’m a little giddy right now, and it’s not just the 2L of coffee I’ve had this morning; mainly, it seems like the first round broke in our favor. So, one idea and one question.  I’ll start with the latter first:

1) Is there a knock against taking Upshaw with the next pick? I never saw any drafts contemplating his availability for the Colts, so I never much thought about it, aside from fantasizing that they’d somehow manage to trade, say, Lucas Oil Stadium to Alabama in exchange for its entire defense.  I understand the arguments for building the passing game first, and the case for BPA seems compelling as well–and seems like it would be the prior consideration. There’s a need argument to be made for what seems like another playmaker on D, but I’ll put that aside (Conner seems to have been great for his draft slot and Angerer’s name is a lot of fun to say with a fake Scottish accent, but the need case is probably even more compelling at TE/Receiver). I was crossing my fingers for Fleener to be there, but I never considered it possible that Upshaw would be. All I really have to go on is the eyeball test, and even before I consider my exes, I don’t trust my eyes. He always seemed to be around the ball when I watched Alabama last year and was maybe overshadowed because of the incredible talent there, but maybe I’m missing something. Especially assuming Pagano’s serious about the “hybrid” business, why not get a guy like him? He’s about Freeney’s size, anyway, and has experience playing LB (and it looks like Freeney’s a goner at some point anyway). I’m assuming I’m missing something here, so I’m just wondering what it is. 

2) On a related note, the negative way to look at the Colts’ positon right now is they’re bound to pass on someone really good, no matter how well their next pick turns out.  Hence the title. It’s the positive version of “Damned if you do, Damned if you don’t.” I think this is a good position for them to be in, but I wonder now if they’ll get killed for years if they, say, draft a guy who’s a quality starter for a few years and maybe makes a Pro Bowl or two, but pass on a guy who’s The Man somewhere. Since Andrew Luck will be the only story we’ll hear about the Colt for the next, oh . . . well decade, unless/until they draft a Peyton Manning/Ed Reed/Jerry Rice hybrid who also comes up with masterful gameplans, I’m curious how this is going to play out. If there’s another question I have here, it’s whether there is any way they can screw up this next pick short of accidentally drafting Anthony Davis, a hockey puck or the big Manning banner that was just taken down from the Luke.