Freeney Trade Scenarios

It has been recently reported that Mr. Dwight Freeney, the amazing tornado, one of two top of the line defenders that Indy had during the Manning era that actually stayed healthy, is now on the trading block. I, for one, don’t find this as sad as the end of the Manning saga; after Manning is gone, I think it is only fair to Freeny that he be allowed to move on to a more competative situation. Also, it is the best for the Colts.


I think the Colts have a real opportunity to fill a need, empty some cap space, and maybe get a premium draft pick on top of all that. Here are a few trade ideas I have. While I am going to use specific teams, these should be thought of as prototypes.

#1: the Kuharsky plan:

ESPN’s Paul Kuharsky has recently stated that he thinks the Titans should pony up a 1st rounder. This would be an excellent out come if we could pull of a premium pick.

#2: Players and pics

Here’s how I see this working, usuing the Bengals as an example: Freeney for Domata Peko, Michael Johnson, and a fourth rounder (Or  Peko and a third round pick)

The Colts fill a couple of big need here. In Peko, they get a Nose Tackle and a pretty solid one on a team friendly contract. They get a pretty good athlete who can play DE/OLB in the hybrid system the Colts want to run. Finally, they get a couple of picks were some good O-line depth could be had. 

#3: Player for player:

This one probably makes the least sense for a rebuilding team… unless, of course, we could get a really good young player. Ideally, this would be a high quality young player on a 4-3 team who had some cap space… Louis Delmas would be awesome, as I think a good young saftey plus signing a good young corner could really make this defense go from “dear god” to ” meh” really quickly. Joe Haden, Brandon Flowers, and Earl Thomas are probably a bit too much to hope for, but that is the type of player that would probably make a Freeney for one player worth it.


Anyway, outside of a major contract restrucuturing, moving Freeney is absolutly the right move because of the cap space and the level of player that could be added to the Colts roster. Could you imgine adding a nose tackle, being able to resign Garcon, and adding a good interior lineman like Ben Grubbs? This team would be improved dramatically.