First crack at 53 man roster and Practice Squad

Now that the positions have been assigned there are a couple of things I take away from this.  First we will be using a lot of 4-3 like sets due to the high number of people listed as DT’s and that our offense should look pretty nice this year.


QB: Luck, Stanton, Harnish

RB: Brown, Carter, Ballard

FB: Mahaffey

TE: Fleener, Allen, Smith

WR: Wayne, Collie, Hilton, Brazil

LT: Castonzo, Linkenbach

LG: McGlynn, Anderson

C: Steele, 

RG: Ijalana, Reitz

RT: Justice, Tepper

LE: Moali

DT:Nevis, Ollie, Anunoby

NT: Josh Chapman, Mckinney, Johnson

RE: Redding

LOLB: Mathis, Hughes

LILB: Conner, Edds

RILB: Angerer, Galippo

ROLB: Freeney, Fugger, Hickman

LCB: Powers, Vaughn, Fenelus

RCB: Thomas, Rucker

FS: Bethea, Lefedge

SS: Zbikowski, Caldwell

K: Viniteri

P: Swimmer

LS: Snow


Practice squad:

Baker, Brown(LB) or Eagen, Chism, Sambrano, Hayworth, Ross, Pellerin, Miller(TE)


Just a little explaining, I don’t think Karim will make the team or Evans because of need at other positions, out of the two I think Karim has the better shot.

I think we only carry 3TE’s on the active roster and 1 on the practice squad in case of injury, Smith makes the active roster due to his blocking.

We are only going to carry 4 WR on the active roster, but will have two on the practice squad, Ross makes the practice squad because he is different than any other WR on our team and offers speed and size.

The line is where it gets interesting for me, I think the starting group is set but the second unit will be something to keep a eye on, McGlynn was listed as G/C so I think we will keep 2 back up guards and no back up center, if we do I think Zane will have the best shot ad sticking around due to his relationship with Grigson.

DE is pretty much self explanitory, I do think Anunoby will make the 53 man roster due to his flexibility and size, I think the real question is who stays around Ollie or Mathews or either.

LB is kind of interesting, we really do not have many people listed as ILB, I think if Hickman can rotate in ate OLB and ILB then he will have a chance to make the team and pus Galippo to the PS, but I can not imagine just keeping 3 ILBs with the system we will be using.

For CB I think Fenelus makes it over Chism because of his special teams play, I also think Caldwell and Lefedge will beat out Pellerin for the back up safety spot.

Finally I actually like the way the team looks, and am happy with the outcome.

Please tell me where you think changes should be made.