Film Breakdown: Andrew Lucks First Two Interceptions

Welcome to the first installment of Film Breakdown! In previous years when I used to do this, I was limited to breaking down plays through the television film which didn’t provide very good angles to see the fine details of a game. It also did not provide a view which allowed poeple to see every player on the field. Fortuately this year, has provided fans with coaches film on its Game Rewind package, which makes gives us the aformentioned nuances not accessible through TV Footage. 

Today, I will be breaking down Andrew Luck’s first two interceptions in last weeks game versus the Bears. I excluded the last interception he threw because the coaches footage was not available for that play. It also came in the last drive the Colts had so if anything, it was merely a feeble attempt to make the game a little closer than it should have been.

At any rate, in this breakdown we will analyse the play that was called, the read made by Luck, and determine if it was merely a bad read, bad throw, or if it was the receivers fault. 

Play #1 Two TE, I-formation, single split right