ESPN:Kuharsky: How Manning Can Be Seen

Manning is Does his Bellichick Impersonation

According to Paul Kuharsky over at ESPN Football, Manning can provide evidence of his recovery through a number of options, most notably by calling a Press Event and showing off his chops.  The article goes on to quote the CBA that says specifically he cannot show off for Colts management since he failed his physical.  Another option is for him to have someone video tape him and then leak this to the press.

The article includes the usual: since we have not seen such video, it must be because he has nothing to show yet (emphasis mine).  And since we’ve not seen anything yet, it must be because the two groups are waiting it out and playing politics.

Of course it could be that there are negotiations going on quietly in the dark of night.  It could be that Irsay has already told Manning’s agent Tom Condon that he will not be taking Manning back, so showing video is fruitless.  It could be that they don’t want to take away from the Combine.  It could be many things, and still we know little.

But the March 8 date is a looming, so very soon there will have to be some revelations.  In the meantime, nothing.

And by nothing, I mean we can marvel at Luck and RGIII at the Combine, posting some pretty impressive stats.  More and more, to me anyway, Luck looks like a good fit.  And if he’s truthful about sitting behind Manning for a few years, happily – and if Manning is good enough to come back under a reasonable offer, then it looks like a good future for the Colts. But RG looks good as well.

Then there’s the matter of Wayne going to the Patriots, which will make me wretch!

Here’s the article:

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