Early Colts season projection

We will try to take an objective stab at projecting wins and losses for the upcoming season.

Expectations couldn’t be lower for the Colts this season.

A top 10 draft pick next year is universally assumed.

Everyone wants to see if Andrew Luck is the next Peyton Manning.

We think fans will be pleasantly surprised.

WK1 @ Chicago LOSS 0-1

Andrew Luck’s first start is very solid.

The Bears are just a better team and pull away in second half.

WK2 vs Minnesota WIN 1-1

Luck’s first home game.

First 300 yard passing game. First win.

WK3 vs Jaguars WIN 2-1 (1-0 AFC South)

Defense is up to task of shutting down MJD.

Luck very mediocre, but doesn’t make big mistake.

WK4 BYE week

Fans can relish in a tie for first place at end of September.

WK5 vs Green Bay LOSS 2-2

A fun to watch, high scoring game of “who has the ball last”.

Luck throws a crucial late game INT that kills chances.

WK6 @ NYJets WIN 3-2

We predict this will be Tebow’s first start as a Jet.

We also predict this will be Luck’s first road victory.

WK7 vs Cleveland WIN 4-2

Luck dissects the Browns defense and the fans are going crazy.

Colts defense looks good when facing poor passing teams.

WK8 @ Titans LOSS 4-3 (1-1)

So much for defense looking good as Johnson has big day rushing.

Andrew Luck has another poor performance.

WK9 vs Miami WIN 5-3

Colts defense has a field day and dominates game.

PLAYOFFS? Don’t be talkin bout PLAYOFFS!