Comcast Sports: A Little Background on Grigson and the Eagles

More background info (or perhaps more of the same) on Grigson and his thoughts on the Eagles.  Interesting items:

– Offensive lineman for Purdue

– Won SB as a scout for the Rams

– Learned from Andy Reid how to handle the players, fans and media

– Likes the dignified way they do things in Philly, and presumably hopes to bring this to the Colts

– Joined Eagles as regional scout in 2004

– Made director of scouting in 2006, director of player personnel in 2010

– 40 years old

– Was being considered for GM job with Rams or Bengals when he took the Colts offer

– Despite Eagles being 8-8 last year, he thinks the team has lots of talent, and it takes patience.

Here’s the article:

Clearly an understudy of Andy Reid who, despite lots of talent on the team, has had a hard time delivering many wins to the Eagles.  Hmmmm…

– BuyMyMonkey