Colts Team Needs: Quarterback


For the next few days, Andrew Aziz will be dishing out “Colts Team Needs” articles that will lead up nicely to the start of free agency on March 13th. Today’s entry is about the quarterbacks.

Opening Statement:

It is the Colts biggest need on the team as they have no quarterbacks that have been on the team more than 10 days. They have just released Peyton Manning, backup Curtis Painter and Dan Orlovsky is not expected to return. The Colts do hold the number 1 overall pick in the draft in which Andrew Luck, QB of Stanford, is the expected choice for the Colts. It is a dire need and with Andrew Luck aboard in a month, the Colts will then need depth behind Luck. It’s easily the biggest need on the Colts.


What the Depth Chart for that Position Looks Like Now:

#1: Trevor Vittatoe

What the Ideal (and Realistic) Depth Chart for that Position Looks Like:

#1: Andrew Luck (draft)

#2: Kyle Orton (FA)

#3: John Brantley (UDFA)

Expectations for Next Season:

The Colts will begin the new season with Andrew Luck, a rookie, as their new starting quarterback. This would be the first time the fans have seen a new QB under center for the Colts since 1997. Not much is expected from Luck, but it is expected to see a lot of passing yards and a good amount of passing touchdowns, as he is the most hyped up and best prospect in the last 2 decades. He is more of a longterm quarterback, who is expected to blossom into a hopefully elite QB in 3 or 4 years. Do not expect much from him, but expect more in several years. For backups, expect a rookie QB in there, whether it be from the draft or he’s signed as an undrafted free agent, and the Colts could definitely bring in a veteran off the free agent market, like Kyle Orton. It’s a whole new start at the quarterback spot.