Colts release of 5 players

I’ve never done any of these articles before, so I’m not sure if this is proper format, but here goes.


According to ESPN, we have now released Gary Brackett, Dallas Clark, Joseph Addai, Melvin Bullitt and Curtis Painter:


This is a huge blow to our chances of fielding a competitive team for the next year. While this should not be our main concern, as we are in a rebuilding state, it will certainly feel to all of us Colts fans that we are throwing the “Manning era” team members under the bus, so to speak. This may be a necessary maneuver, but I must say that I do not understand the release of all these players after the re-signing of Robert Mathis. 


I’m not sure which of these players’ release hurts the worst, but it is hard to see an almost complete dissimilation of the team we’ve all grown to love over the past decade. I had yet to see an article on here about it, so thought I would post one of my own so that I could see how everyone else felt. I can only hope this makes more sense after the draft and any offseason moves.