Colts Draft Needs List (Post FA Signings)

After the signings of Tom Zbikowski, Cory Redding and the resigning of Reggie Wayne, the drat needs list has changed. The old list looked like this: **Based on the assumption that Andrew Luck is drafted by the Colts**

1. Cornerback

2. Nose Tackle

3. Wide Receiver

4. Tight End

5. Strong Safety

6. Offensive Guard

7. Center

8. 3-4 Defensive End

After the signing of the free agents, it looks like this: **Based on the assumption that Andrew Luck is drafted**

1. Cornerback

2. Nose Tackle

3. Tight End

4. Offensive Guard

5. Center

6. Wide Receiver

7. Strong Safety

8. 3-4 Defensive End

The top 2 needs have not changed and the Colts will most likely fix those needs through the draft.

The tight end spot can be easily fixed if Jacob Tamme is resigned and the same can be said about Jeff Saturday.

The offensive guard spot can be fixed through the draft in the later rounds and the Colts can sign a quality guy in Free Agency.

You see that needs no.3,5,8 from the old list are now no.6,7,8.

The Colts must build a good foundation filled with good young players with some veterans player to help mould the team and get good chemistry. Then from there, we keep building and upgrading those positions with better players. It’s a marathon not a sprint