Chris Mortensen reports Colts will draft Luck

Reader gizzardfanny links to tweets initiated by Chris Mortensen and confirmed by Adam Schefter that the Colts intend to draft Luck with the first pick.


These tweets are the first substantial rumors, at least to me. Mostly because it comes from Mort who has gained some credibily when it comes to Colts related rumors.

Chris Mortensen:

, the poetry man, won’t pass on Andrew Luck. Dad dealt Elway in ’83, 15 yrs later, Jim took Manning & now it’s his Luck. 

Adam Schefter:

As  reported on Sat edition of NFL Countdown, Colts plan to use the No. 1 pick on Stanford QB Andrew Luck.

It’s not really surprising. Maybe it’s a little surprising that it comes this early in the process.

Personally, I hope it’s no more settled than it still depends on the status of Manning on March 8th. Coming at this point, it increases my fear that Irsay will go with both Manning and Luck.