Breaking Down the Coaching Candidates

The Colts have fired Jim Caldwell, and it’s time to bring a new guy in. A once big coaching candidates list, has now become a short one. There are 5 candidates still in the mix. Here they are:


Marty Mornhinweg

Mornhinweg is a very offensive minded coach. He is the Eagles offensive coordinator and has turned the Eagles offense into a powerhouse. The Eagles had arguably the best running back in football this season in Lesean McCoy, and they have some good receivers. Everything on that offense is solid, and he’s the guy that really moulded everything to could gether. He could come to Indianapolis to develop some of the younger players like Castonzo, Ijalana, Carter, and the potential rookies (like Luck). He is a very good developer. If hired, he would be more of a longterm answer. He keep our offense very good and in the top 10 (maybe top 5) for many years to come. He won’t help the defense much, so getting a good defense coordinator is key. He could lead a solid team, but he’ll need the right coaches around him to really succeed. It’s a big project if the Colts want to hire him.


Brad Childress

Another offensive minded coach. He is the most experienced out of any of the candidates, besides Dungy. He became the Vikings head coach in 2006, and took them to 2 playoff berths, including an NFC Championship. Not the greatest developer, but when he has a good team, he could take them pretty far in the playoffs. He is great at developing receivers, which means he could make Pierre and Collie the best receivers they can be. Perhaps he is a better short term solution than Mornhinweg, but if hired, don’t expect to see him in Indy for 5+ years. If Manning stays, he gives the Colts at very good chance at winning the Super Bowl; a much better chance than Mornhinweg, Trestman and Bowles would give him. When Manning retires, don’t expect him to do much with Luck, as the teams he’s coached or been the offensive coordinator of, has had either experienced starters or young kids. When he has the experienced starter, he does well. When he has the young kids, he does badly. Good short term solution, but a bad long term solution.

Marc Trestman

A wildcard pick. Trestman has coached in the CFL for the last several years with the Montreal Allouettes. The Allouettes have a very similar situation like the Colts; an aging star at the QB position, stars at the DE position, a good young LB core, and a DB core that has potential, but gets killed. I think Trestman is the person that can relate the most to the Colts situation with Manning and I think could do very well with the Colts. He is neither a short term, or long term answer. He could be either. He won 2 Grey Cups with the Allouettes, and went to another. He’s dominated the CFL. Now, the CFL isn’t the NFL. He does have some coaching experience in the NFL, and a lot of it. He’s been the offensive coordinator of 3 teams, including the 2002 Raiders, who went to the Super Bowl. Although he’s spent time with many teams, I think he could be a good fit in Indianapolis. He knows what to do, and his gameplans have worked in the past and in the CFL. Like I said, he’s a wildcard, and if the Colts hire him, he could take this team to the top, or the bottom.

Todd Bowles

Bowles did a nice job with the Dolphins. He has a young coaching career, only coaching for 10 years, but he was a former safety in the NFL for 8 years. He is a defensive minded coach, who could really help out the DBs, who need a lot of help. He could help Jerraud Powers get to the next level, and develop young guys like Lacey, Rucker and Thomas (or the potential DBs coming from college). Everyone knows that if the Colts (with Peyton Manning) have a good defense, they can be very dangerous in the playoffs. He could be a very good short term solution, and in order for him to be a good long term solution, the Colts will need to find a good offensive coordinator that could develop guys like Andrew Luck to be the best player they can be. Bowles reminds me of Tony Dungy, and that’s pretty good. Like Trestman, he could either way (top of the league, or bottom of the league).

Tony Dungy

Ahhhhh, Tony Dungy! If you’re a Colts fan, everyone loves him. Dungy is by far the most experienced out of anyone, and he knows this team better than anyone in the league. The only problem with him is: will he return to the NFL and/or is he motivated? If he is, then he is the best guy for the job. He won Super Bowl 41 with the Colts, and has been to 7 of the record-tying 9 consecutive playoff berths. He is a great defensive coach, who has a very good history with other teams. He turned the Bucs terrible defense into one of the best in only a couple of years. Not much more is needed to say about Dungy, but if he’s ready to come back and is motivated, he’s the best guy for the job.