Bleacher Report Blame Irsay for Mishandling Manning Situation

Stumbled across this article on Bleacher.

It sort of speaks to how I feel.  While I had some frustrations with Polian, his ability to run a tight-lipped-ship and avoid media craziness was reknown.  We didn’t have to suffer thru nonsense like Desean Jackson and Ochocinco. While I appreciate Jim Irsay tweeting inside information, it’s sometimes over the top. “Family Disputes” should not be done via Twitter.  And while it might have been a good time to “start over” the franchise, the way it was done was excessive and unrelenting.

Could this turn out okay – sure it could.  We could be in a good situation regarding QB and Defense and stuff by the start of the season.  But if it turns out badly, there will be only one person to blame: Irsay.  Of course that’s why he’s paid the big bucks.

The report goes on to quote SI’s Don Banks and Don’s opinion that Irsay has handled this in a messy way.

I certainly hope there’s some way to bring back a healthy Peyton, but that requires a) Peyton to be healthy and b) some way to do this under the CAP rules.

If Peyton is not here, one other thing will be different.  Peyton made is possible for us to make it to the playoffs every year.  All that changed was the seeding.  So, in other words, the regular season almost didn’t matter. Would they win this game or lose this one or?  Didn’t matter because in the end we wanted to get to the end of the year and see the playoffs.  It was often boring to wait out the season as the Colts racked up 10 wins, 11,12,13…  Boring in a good way. We were spoiled.

This year was the opposite.  Hoping for ANY win.  Celebrating Donald Brown’s 40 yard run on the Titans.  Cheering for Dan Orlovsky (maybe).  Good times, sort of.

Next year may be back to watching each game cautiously and wondering “will we win this one?”.

Which is better?  You tell me.

Here’s the article: